Rain beating up the girls and brown leaf question

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    After being in a veritable drought for quite a while, we finally received rain the past two days. And it laid a beating on one of my plants. The buds are so big on the plant, yesterday one of the branches snapped, not completely off, just laying on the ground. I tied the branch up and all seemed OK. Today I come home and the whole plant is laying almost horizontal. It didn't break the stem, just loosened the root ball enough to lean way over. I staked her up nice and straight and hopefully she'll have no ill effects. Now We are supposed to get REALLY heavy rain in two days. Harvest time can't come soon enough.:( I also noticed on the plant that has been flowering the longest, the very top chola had a sugar leaf brown off and die. Around that leaf, the bud itself turned brown and died also. It is a very small spot, but has me worried. I hope it is not rot setting in. I can get pics if that would help.
  2. in some of my plants I have tiny, shriveled up brown leaves that died, but never fell to the ground. they dried up and got like crispy. i think that is fine.
    Is your plant in the ground or a container? it should not fall over like that if it is in the ground with a good root system but staking it and giving it support is what u did so that shoul dhelp
  3. The plants are in the ground. Most of the problem I believe is that she grew crooked from the start. Then with the weight of the wet buds and saturated ground, the earth loosened up enough to let her lean over. I posted pics in another thread.

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