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Rain and clouds

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Big Poppa Puff, Mar 6, 2003.

  1. Please someone tell me what dry sunny weather looks like and feels like. it has been so long I can't rememeber.
  2. Does this jog your memory?

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  3. Ya know when you wake up in the morning and the sun is already so bright it hurts your eyes? and its warm enough to just stick on some shorts and wander into your back garden and eat your breakfast? I love that. I'm with you wishing for some sun poppa.
  4. Poppa,
    I wish, for both of our sakes, that I could help you out. Being a Cali native this Connecticut winter has sort of put me into shock. I go home Saturday so I'll try to let you know how it feels. The only thing I can say is that people who live somewhere with a real winter sure do appreciate spring more...
  5. Haha! I've been wishin for some mad storsms but the sun shines everyday. There was some clouds today but the sun was out. I want it to snow like 2 feet at least so i can go biking in the snow.

    Here's a pic of me riding outside my apartment.


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  6. we got about three inches of snow last night, it was blindingly sunny this morning though. too bright to have your eyes open due to the fresh snow.
  7. It was about 45 degrees today...gonna go back down to 20 tommorow though :/

    still no sun though :/
  8. fuck the sun

    someone describe to me what snow is like... its been 17 years since ive seen it :(
  9. We have had more sunshine in the last two days than we have all last month. Been in the 60's last three days. Spring is coming!
  10. its been everywhich way cold, rainy, snowy here! :/ its not all that often its this cold, we havent got snow here in yeeeears..we are up to our hips in it now! its been rainy and cloudy here a lot lately, so im all kinds of ready for that warm sunny weather, i got my blender all ready for fresh fruit frozen blender drinks!
  11. over here its been sunny , no snow., but cold really really cold., and windy!! i can't stand windy days combined with the cold winter. otherwise let it snow.

  12. What's your address? I'll send ya some. Got plenty.
  13. is it just me or does the dog look stoned.?
  14. i tried that, but couldnt get past all the i just figured he was stoned.
  15. Maybe he is just a blood hound!!!!!
  16. HIGH All, yes spring is just around the corner and things have started to our cherry trees the roses aren't too far O.F.F.F. and we've been sweating at work for last month now. I feel (just as critters does I'm sure) for All you snow bound and rain logged Blades and Bladies.

    And Dryfus is just what I pictured critters...a reflection of his Master. Nice pics have to show us more of your beaches...excellent places!!!
  17. It has rained for like a week straight here and now i'm starting to wonder if Panama City is such a good itea for spring break this year. the sun hasn't shined for more than an hour in two days and the stupid lightning is frying my computer when the power keeps going out. STUPID WEATHER! Well i guess that is just life.
  18. i woke up the other morning, and lit a cig, layed back down in bed and finished it, when i leaned up to throw it out my window, there was a deer about ten feet from the house, i couldnt find the digi cam so i asked mom where it was at..she said ioutside in her car...well...i go out there in my boxers and loafers (for speeds sake) to grab the digi cam...well..i turn the corner of the house, and the damned things had moved to that side of the house....they stared at me for about 2 seconds..snorted..then shot off like i was a bear or no pictures of deer toshare with gcity.
  19. Atm. I don't give a shit bout the weather.
    What I do care about is sensimil's avator and what the url is of the zoomed image :D

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