Raids at school! Bummer...

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by WaY_WeiRd, Nov 16, 2003.

  1. Yeah... The other day, they spent first hour +30 min raiding the school for drugs & shit...

    They caught a kid with a gram and a scale, some chick (whom I have quite a dislike for) with coke, and a gun...

    They're commin' back with dogs again to search classes and cars... Man, this pisses me off beyond belief, because it feels like an invasion of privacy... ESPECIALLY the whole searchin' cars thing.

    Good thing my friend parks three blocks off campus, eh?

    (I never have weed in school, but I have been known to have pills... Can they smell if you have vicodins or darvosets on you...? Tylenol, alieve, motrin, etc...?)
  2. That's really shit, can't the cops just liven up?

  3. you should be fine, i would think atleast. i mean, otherwise the dogs would search pretty much every girls purse in the school, they always have ibuprofen and tylenol and all that with them.

    but dont trust me! maybe you should hide your shit somewhere in the school, go back and get it later.
  4. or just don't take it to school, and have a good time when you get home.
  5. I saw some footage of raids of schools on the news, it's fucken bs. They had their guns drawn and were telling people to get on the ground. Damn...why the fuck would anyone do that at school where people are supposed to feel safe, it's not like the pot smokers are endangering anyone...
  6. they spend all that money on busting ppl with marijuana when our school systems need money and where in debt billions of dollars because bush id a fuckin idiot. this country needs to straighten out there prioritys
  7. So far there haven't been anymore raids...

    This sucks though. I can't toke up before school, and I have to be very careful with any pills I have on me.

    Damn those pigs to hell. -_-()

  8. Exactly.
  9. Anyway a boy in our school was caught today, he was smoking during break time and then he got called out, don't know exactly how he was caught but they had no evidence on him, he give the lump to someone else, he's bound to get in some trouble.

    He was stoned too whenever he was being questioned about his smoking.
  10. *Raises Hand*

    My buddies and I got caught in the ghetto tryin' to buy weed.

    Being arrested is kinda cool when you don't get in trouble.
    (They searched my purse... I had a bowl and some Vicodin and Darvocet on me... They didn't say a word to me.)

    But seeing that cop car pull up behind us a stop us made my stomach drop to my toes.
    We didn't have anything though.

    My buddy's car got impounded and now I have to help him pay to get it back.

    That sucks.

    Ah... well...
    The one time it actually passed through my mind that it might be a cop... It was, and I didn't say a thing. -_-()

  11. That sucks, at least not much happend to you over it.
  12. and we wonder where our tax dollars go. what happens if they catch you with a little pot? misdemanor? i mean geez. its not the pot smokers harming anyone.. when was the last time u got blasted and killed someone? extreame measures for such a little problem. this really pisses me off. ijust dont understand this country. these taxt dollars. if you think about it the country could make money if they leagelized it and sold it. sales tax. do they realize how much money htey loose every year because its NOT leagal? this pisses me off

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