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  1. I'm SO ILL.
    Some fucking first time smoker yesterday slobbered all over the fucking joint and I think he gave me something.


  2. I hate smoking with peeps who act like they sucking a dick while smoking
  3. I love having a strong immune system.

  4. or licking pussy.

  5. I haven't been ill in years, I don't know what's going on.

  6. Smoke a bowl, you'll feel better. I hate feeling shitty, especially on a day when I had plans or wanted to smoke, but if I go ahead and smoke my symptoms usually fade or disappear completely. Give it a try :smoking:
  7. Yeah I'm never let a little illness stop me. Although it doesn't seem to be helping. Passes the time though.
    I was meant to be seeing my girl. But I hate being with her when I'm ill, runny nose, snorting, coughing, sneezing, UGH!
  8. i swear i got sick twice in March because of some dumbass who hit a blunt while sick with something. I think it was the same person both times
  9. I was sick with the flu once last year. I was only ill for 4 days and the only symptom I had was a sore throat. :p

    I also used to frequently get painful and long ear infections as a kid. Now I rarely get them and when I do, no pain, just that annoying crusty feeling in my ear.

    Secret? Watch George Carlin :D Watching him isn't the cure (although it's definitley not bad for you ;)) but watch what he has to say about germs.
  10. vaporize, people, vaporize! please, for the love of your health, pretty pretty please. Your throat head and lung problems will be 90% improved. You gotta keep the head and the throatways in fine condition, that's like the gateway for pathogens, my brethren. Pleeeease. I was at the local store today, they got some new convection globe dome vaporizers! $31! You bet I'm gonna get one. Don't care what the haters say. Especially for someone whose sick from combustion, it would be the finest investment ever. Wish SWIM could send one to you, bud! But, just to make an example. Gotta invest, in y0 health yo
  11. oh but you live in London. sorry:eek::(
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    Welcome to London city,
    Tons of nittys a place to get your funds up silly,
    Get shot, learn that the slums are gritty,
    Get head topped, burnt, no skunk and phillies.

    Ya man, London Town where we exclusively smoke joints. Don't fuck with the glass over here.

  13. i wish we could get you a timemachine HG wells style and bring you back to Victorian london and then we could eat hasheesh all day at the parlours with lewis carroll, and drink cannabis medicine of the industrial age. That's what some doctors might prescribe you for your throat and sickness troubles! aha
    then ye could, with your massive currency, ride on buggies or trains into the still pristine English countryside.
  14. Sounds good.

    But that's not the London I know.
  15. I always thought that a virus generally took more than 24 hours to manifest into symptoms. I could certainly be wrong.

    Regardless, feel better and rest up.
  16. word. ive been laid up all week with the sickness too. cough syrup aint helpin this cough and its getting violent. im thinking doctor pretty soon.

  17. That's no good, hope you and OP feel better.
  18. Fear is the sickness, love is the cure.
  19. dude i got sick from someone i puffed with too. NOw i have to clean out my dorm room and take finals this week sick as a dog. SO HEATED! FUCK EVERYONE WHO ISNT CoNSIDERATE BOUT BEING SICK!!!!!!!
  20. same here man, im really sick, it blows ive got a terrible cough/cold and had a sore throat for a few days, i missed what was supposedly a badass party friday night

    i rarely get sick but that makes getting sick suck that much more when i do

    plus im quitting cigarettes right now, so this cough will not let up at all

    time to smoke more weed and take some more nyquil and maybe ill be able to take a long ass nap, if not at least it will make being sick more bearable

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