Rage quit

Discussion in 'General' started by Mechanic, Jun 6, 2019.

  1. I just raged out had a frecita pizza in the oven ham and pineapple took it out sliced it was fixing to serve it up to my guest dropped the whole thing in the floor i went off its unusual for me but man i just went off deep end i think i need to blaze up damn im ashamed of myself
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  2. RIP pizza :( I'd be pissed if I dropped any food man let alone a whole pizza
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  3. It fked up my whole evening lucky i got these plates that dont break easy i was slamming shit in the sink man i need to chill out i never have rage like that
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  4. Yea that really sucks its a waste of good food. Still I can't say I haven't done dumb sh*t like that before lol its really embaressing.

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  5. Shoulda thrown it on the roof

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  6. That’s a good pizza if ya add jalapeños before throwin it in the oven sweet spice ya know. Sounds like ya got something brewing under the surface prob just need a blunt, blow job, n a day to urself to think on it.
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