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Radio DJ fuckups

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by KB_124, Apr 18, 2004.

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  1. Lately, my favorite radio station around here has been fucking up a lot, and it sure is funny ;) Each time I\'ve noticed something, I was going to post about it before, but figured, it was just a couple fuckups, no big deal.. But now it\'s to the point where I wanted to know if this shit is common over the radio..

    One night, I SWEAR, the female DJ was on some drug, I don\'t know what, but it was 2 in the morning, and she was speaking VERY slow, and slurred about every word... Thats was the biggest one. I mean, she was fucked up.. It really was funny to listen to.
    Couple weeks later, about 30 seconds of a song would play, then go to the next song, another 30 seconds later, another song, this went on for about 4 or 5 songs, lol...
    Sometimes, it seems like they don\'t turn off their microphones during songs, because as the song played, you could hear their conversations.
    And tonight, so far, two songs have gone really quiet, and when I turned it up, I heard the DJ in a conversation with what sounded to be her boyfirend/husband over the phone...

    I just found these to be amusing, and was wondering if you guys catch things like this in your town too..
  2. Hah, thats funny. I\'ve never caught anything like that really, but I\'m more of a CD guy, not really listening to the radio all that often.

  3. what was she saying?

  4. She was making plans for dinner, lol..
  5. my friend DJs on our college radio . . . he goes drunk sometimes and makes bad jokes and yells a lot on the air, but no one listens so its cool, haha.
  6. my friend had a radio show at a college and we\'d always go in there stoned. we\'d pick out the most unplayed, unusual songs play them halfway and then just put on another song. there was a no food policy while in the studio that got broken all the time, not in malice but necessity. My brother would sometimes call as an angry scotsman, requesting nonexistant songs.

    Good thing the fcc never seemed listened, tons of swearing and explicit sexual references. As bigbabyjesus said, no one listens to these college radio stations so most of this was just for our own enjoyment, knowing we could get away with all this.

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