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  1. been searching for a good half hour and I cant find the old rc thread.

    but I'm wanting to post my "car" up.

    it started life as a traxxas stampede rwd since then it gotten mods and multiple chassis from stock, custom 1/2 aluminum dug out long wheel base, P-L slash 2wd chassis and now after about 2 years of sitting I've decide to go the route of the rustler chassis. so I can mount up one of my favorite cars the scion fr-s. I just went out and got some screws to finish it off. all I need now is to find some way to make consistent drill holes in angled aluminum to fab up a rear body mount seeing as the original body mounts are vertical when I need them at a 30 degree angle for the rear of the new scion shell.

    as for the shell all I have is primer grey and white so I'm limited on color but once its done my man I will be proud again.

    pics coming soon
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    Going to be painting tonight and running over to the hobby shop for some parts. as for the rest of the stadium truck it's looking a little rough. the rear end mostly... see after so many miles the tie rods and suspension components start getting slack and makes for sloppy wheel alignment.

    The rear mount turned out well.

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  3. IMG_20170823_092816657[1].jpg

    still have the rear bumper to paint yet but overall the paint job turned out well I used corsa grey and backed with white. was looking for a more primer grey look, but blue pearl works. as for the roof my red paint spat it's guts out so the roof isn't what I wanted.

    only thing I need are m2.5 lock nuts for the rear body mounts and I will start to see how this thing jumps. maybe i'll look into some local rc tracks. just got to tame my 1.3hp 30ft/lbs torque of electric motor with a new clutch pack lol. like this morning the pavement was cold enough I just couldn't tune the clutch for traction either the tires would light up or the clutch would whine. usually Im out during the afternoon to evening when the road has baked in the sun all day. that's when I get good traction and can pretty much lock the clutch and wheelie from half throttle and below.

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  4. Fucking BAD ASS broski!

    I had a stoned thought... You can get as hammered as you like and drive these when ever you want, brilliant!!!
  5. 1503540285299.jpg 1503540296488.jpg 1503540302654.jpg just recently dropped in a new lrp zr.32 spec 4 in my Savage xl. Replaced the stock 5.9 and it's no comparison. Rebuild the 3 speed transmission to add hardened gears. This new motor is a torque monster so it was needed. I run 30% nitro and this thing just eats whatever is in its way. Me and my kids have a couple nitro and electrics. This thing is by far my favorite. Stock the lrp is 4.37hp but I've had it modified not sure where it's at's fast, loud and mean. 4wd to put the power to the ground.
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  6. Well some aren't fun at all to drive unsober. As they can be touchier then a dragster.

    But my summit on the other hand would be perfect for that.... Up to 3-½hrs run time and a crawling capability that it's mostly user error if you can't climb an obstical.

    For a size note the tires are 7.5" tall
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  7. Nice cars so far guys. I've been wanting to buy a nitro car for some time. I recently got a house with a big back yard so I've got plenty of space to drive. I'm thinking maybe a monster truck or one of those large scale rally cars. What do you guys think? Its mainly grass but I do have a little dirt and rock.
  8. nitro radio controlled vehicles have always interested me.

    can somebody give me a rough idea of how expensive a hobby it is to start? mechanically i would definitely want something like this, for technical "off-roading" and rock crawling.
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    It's not cheap. If you're looking for a cheap hobby this isn't for you. Parts maintenance it all adds up. Between the upgrades and original purchase of the truck I posted I'm at roughly just under$2000. Fuels about $35 a gallon. I bash mine so parts and repairs add up quick. You will break things unless it's a shelf queen. My son started with a Traxxas tmaxx original purchase was like $450, which is about as low as it gets for entry level. He's about $700-800 in upgrades and repair. Lots of repair. We're getting ready to drop another $250+ mods in a new motor for it. His fuel runs about $30 a gallon. It's a money pit hobby for sure.
  10. Just got a Traxxas Stampede 4x4 last weekend with the intention of giving it to my wife and daughter and in getting myself an emaxx this weekend.

    For everything the Stampede was $350.

    It is a good beginners truck.

  11. The Summit is the most reliable truck ever, the only time I have needed to change part is because then worn out from about 2years of use. She's about 7 years old right now and albeit sketchy her driveline is original Sept for bearings.

    But her alone in the market will set you back a good $1k, still needing a charger too( $120) the batts that come with her give you a bash time of 15min or 1hr crawl time, but I opted for a pair of 8200mah lipo at roughly 100a peice.

    1/10scale is cheaper intially but if bashing at high speeds part are going to break and cost is going high. Traxxas is a good premium brand, just most there 4x4 drive trains are under engendered( needing upgrades with anything over stock power) but the 2wd are indestructible
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  12. Seems pretty cheap to me, guess it's all perspective.
  13. I have my eye on this jeep wrangler RC.
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    For a rc car it's not cheap. Cheap rcs are like $20 at wall Mart. I know you're The richest man on Earth along with everything else you claim but not everyone has that kind of money to Shell out for a toy. The question was how expensive it is, if someone has to ask that then chances are a couple Grand isn't cheap to them. I probably have well over 8grand wrapped up in our rcs not including fuel and maintenance. To me it's fun for me and my kids. Price doesn't matter because I can afford it and it's worth it out of my hobbies it's nowhere near my most expensive. However for a person who has to ask then chances are it's going to be expensive for them
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  15. God damn I know the more dedicated hobbyists can spend some money on it but damn... I will admit those gas powered ones always looked sexy as hell to me... I remember some years ago I bought a battery powered one that was pretty neat.. it'd go up to like 50-60mph way faster than I could handle it... I was going towards a little rump up the curve but missed and smacked the curve head on the front went into quiet a few pieces lol... thankfully the parts were cheap on eBay and I completely rebuilt the front end for next to nothing and had it up and running... sold the shit out of it before that happened again lmao I can't even see when the steer the bastards when they go that fast. But all in all I don't think I spent to much money and it did bring me enjoyment... if I were to have one now I would be more responsible with it though and I could see it lasting quiet a while and definitely getting my money's worth.. I'd never try going to competitions with it obviously but it'd just be for my entertainment. My little rc car was in the hundreds not thousands lol and in the low hundreds at that I'd never trust myself with one that expensive... the minute I total a multi thousand dollar rc car I'm blowing my brains out lmao
  16. I'm a gear head at heart. I like our electrics for ease of use but the smell of nitro and the scream of those motors keeps me coming back. We're not even that dedicated. Only been running rcs for about 2 years. Some people drop some serious loot. There's me and my 2 kids, I know individual guys that have more in 2 cars then we have in our whole collection. Built shelf queens with all billet aluminum upgrades can get really costly. I don't like aluminum as it doesnt take the bashing as well. My Savage is 1/8 scale which is pretty good size. My next one is going to be a 1/5 or 1/4 scale, much bigger. We run them in skate parks or anywhere there's dirt mounds and such to jump. Running top speed on an open road isn't my thing. I like to see what I can
  17. Ya I dropped about 400 on the world's most powerful cunsumer charger the power lab 8x2.... And you know what? It only sees maybe 200watts of it's nearly 4000w capability. But hey I can charge two 8 cell lipos at 40amps.
  18. I'm a total old rc dork. I didn't expect this thread here. I got RC's for the whole family like 2 years ago.

    I have an SC5m with a 3 gear tranny, castle 3800 sct 1410 motor, a savox 1258 steering servo, and a 4200mah shorty pack modded to run inline. I got a 25t pinion on it. It does about 55-60mph but has enough torque I can track it without changing gears.

    I also have an ultima sc6, an RC10b4, a stampede, and a rustler.

    This is an older picture before I got the new steering servo.

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  19. The stampede is fun but it's a wheelie machine. It handles so bad. Any time you give it power you can't turn. You can get used to it and drive it alright but if you drive with anyone that has a reasonably handling machine they will leave the stampede in the dust. That's the 2wd version. The center of gravity is just too high. It's for looks so it looks like a monster truck but it definitely doesn't help the handling.

    I ended up buying a rustler frame for $10 from ebay and transferring the parts over. I only had to buy a few steering parts and a front shock tower to complete the transfer. Now the stampede handles just as good as the rustler the other boy has.

    I would recommend a rustler as a basher machine over a stampede. They drive way better. You're probably going to want to get some rpm front castor blocks and spindles eventually. That's about the only thing that breaks on the traxxas entry level trucks. I also run a rear bumper from a slash and the front rpm bumper. Those two items really have saved the truck from destruction several times.
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  20. Nitro used to be the way to go if you wanted big power and run time. Not any more. They're stinky, unreliable, and loud. If you haven't seen rc's for a while you're going to be blown away with what the new electric ones are capable of. The brushless motors and lipo batteries have changed everything. The amount of power you can have is unlimited. You can make your car so powerful that you can't even drive it. Mine is so powerful I can't hardly ever floor it. If I'm not going over about 25-30 and I pull the trigger all the way it has so much power it flies out of control.

    The new batteries will also surprise you with how long they run. I can get 30 minutes or more of run time on one battery. You usually get board driving it before a battery runs out now day. That's a big change from the nicad days when you would get 5 minutes of good run time if you had a fast modded motor.

    The 1/8th scale truggies with the 6s batteries are unbelievable. They have so much speed and power it's sick. $500 range can get you a prebuilt that's worth owning.

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