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Do u descriminate a different race?

  1. Yes all the time

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  2. Whenever they piss me off

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  3. Rarely

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  4. Never

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  1. Simple question, can keep stuff anonyomous if you want just vote on the poll so i can see.
  2. dicriminating on superficial things like skin colour, never.

    on view on life sometimes,

    muslims are backward and medievil
    hindu's are relaxed and openminded
    buddhists and atheists are reflective
    christians are closeminded or confused. often both
    rastafarians are just cool :D
  3. /\/\/\ Doesn't it come down to the indivisual, no need to catergorise like that.
  4. No, I'm not a racist. No, I don't like racists.
  5. I guess I dislike everyone on the planet about the same.

    I discriminate against my partner now and then, being on account of her always getting first pick of the roast potatoes.

  6. once in a while... usually in joking fasion though.... and the people im joking with know me and usually know that im kidding......
  7. This poll has the Poll Masters stamp of approval.

    generalisations are never a good thing, and you shouldnt really generalise people like that... perhaps it would be more fair to say that those religions can often create those characteristics in its followers.

  8. that's pretty ignorant if you ask me

  9. Thats what I was going to say..

    I treat people the way they treat me..

    I can be the best person you'll ever know if thats the way you want to be treated...

    I can also be the sumbitch you don't want to be around when you treat me that way!!!!!!
  10. i think its alright to make generalizations, as long as you keep an open mind and understand that not every single person of that race is like that. i mean i hate to break it to you, but i think most of you would rather see a white person in a two piece suit while walking through a dark alley than seeing a black man in a doo rag, its just natural for humans to make assumptions based on statistics (minorities commit more crimes).
  11. a white guy in a suit .... in a dodgey area and a dark alley? ... u gotta be kidding... he'll be maffioso! lol.

  12. Exactly!
  13. Never, we're all the same, we just have different cultures, and that gives us identitiy.

    One thing tho:

    WTF is up with Mexicans? I don't have anything against 'em, some are practically family to me, but damn, mexicans drive so fuckin slow! Are you all stoned all the time? Seriously. I drive through the desert a few times a week, 25 miles of road and i always get stuck behind a car with mexican plates, and they're drivin' like 25 mph in a 65.

    But yeah, racists can choke on cock and die for all i care.

  14. I'm Asian so I don't believe in racism because of all the discrimination brought against us. I also hate stereotypes too. I dislike racist people very much even if it isn't against Asians.
  15. yo shit i'm asian too... is that a pic of you?
    yea some stereotypes are just so screwed up...
    but then again some are justified, stereotypes dont just spring up for no reason, but that still doesnt mean that EVERY SINGLE person fits the stereotype.
  16. Haha no its not a pic of me. I'm a guy. Would be awesome if a girl like that smoked pot though, wouldn't it?
  17. i know a girl even hotter than that who tokes! :D
  18. Lucky you mang, I wish i did.
  19. o shit vicious, i thought you were a chick, fuck man now i feel like a queer... i was all like "shit theres a hot asian chick that smokes weed"...
    its all cool, are you chinese?
  20. Haha.. Nah I'm Korean... South Korean. And that chick is a popstar in S. Korea as well.

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