Racial Makeup of Grasscity.

Discussion in 'General' started by Emo Steve, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. I want to see the racial makeup of Grasscity and potsmokers.
  2. Russian and Swedish.
  3. race, shmayce.
  4. I thought this dude got banned..
  5. no way man. i didn't do anything wrong. i got dunce874 banned though for harassing people.
  6. well I'm half Mexican, half Persian. So what do I pick?
  7. half russian, and half japanese
  8. Pick whatever people would usually identify you as.
  9. I'm German, Irish, Scottish, American Indian (Cherokee)
  10. Race is just a color

    i'm White, part Irish part Ukranian
  11. Im beyond white hahaha part german, welsh, and irish......
  12. The only thing more asinine than identifying people by race is to identify them by nationality.
  13. You think cultures should abandon their customs/identity because we should be identified in a simpler way? I'm proud to be Italian and see nothing wrong with that. Truth is there are differences and thats what makes up a demographic.
  14. I put white (caucasian), but the only reason I put that down is because there was no box for CRAB PERSON.

    EDIT - There are some things I wish to add

    1. I see nothing wrong with asking about race, to me all it really tells you about a person, is where most of their ancestry lies. For example, if I chatting online with someone that lived in....um...new york, and asked his race, and he said asian I could conclude that his ancestry was mostly found in asia, or the pacific rim. Which is cool, because I hear that a TON of people in asia are directly related to Ghengis Khan (cuz he had like 100 sons lol)

    2. Ignore what I said about being a crab person....DO IT

    3. My family can all be traced back to europe, I'm 100% canadain (born here), 50% german genetics(mommys an immigrant), I have a fair chunk of good ol russian in me, plus some icelandic, and some irish.

    Can you believe I don't drink?! ....or pillage monastaries?
  15. hahahaha thats hella funny........

    And as someone else said i proud of my nationality (mostly german) but not really the past of it hahaha but i know i can damn well out drink most people i ever met.....even when i was 15/16 i was out drinking the college kids at their own parties!! hahaha, good times.....
  16. Why are people getting in such a fuss about him asking what race the users of GC are? It's a perfectly valid question.

    What is the difference between this and asking what somebody's hair color is? NOTHING.

    "race shmayce?"

    People have different colored skin. It's not a big deal.
  17. That's not even what I even remotely implied... but yes. We should identify ourselves as human beings. The truth is there is no genetic difference between people of different nationality or races. We are all descendants of the same species which formed in Africa some-odd 130,000 years ago. Only through migratory and breeding patterns have we developed different skin pigmentations, eye colors, cultures, religions, sciences, and any other thing people can think of to keep disassociating themselves from other groups human beings.

    We are all the same. And in the next few hundred years with the formatiuon of the World Union and worldwide open border and free trade policies, we will "interbreed" with other "races and "nationalities" and there will only be one apparent race/culture... maybe then people will be smart enough to realize that we are all the same and maybe we can stop killing each other.
  18. Because some people like to bitch and whine about anything they possibly can. Some people get offended WAYYYYYYYYYY to easily these days, it makes me throw up in my mouth a lil.
  19. theres too many damn honkeys on this board!!!

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