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Rachel Maddow is a Partisan Hack

Discussion in 'Politics' started by aaronman, Apr 15, 2011.

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    Toys in the Attic Strikes Again – Tenth Amendment Center

    In case you didn't already know, Maddow could give two shits about the truth. She is more interested in villifying dissent and keeping her base polarized.

    I saw a lot of people defending the fact that she dresses like a little boy, maybe because you respect her as a journalist or commentator. Hopefully this will show you that her job is to keep you stupid.
  2. Is Dronetek on vacation?
  3. I think the politics section should just be renamed to "Everybody vs Dronetek."
  4. ur a partisan hack.... never seen u write one good thing about (D)
  5. I agree that she is a partisan hack, but I find the mocking her by comparing her to men to be off-putting.
  6. Or maybe because she is a grown woman and can dress how she chooses? :rolleyes:

    Now that is a strange definition. Even the KKK occasionally helps an old woman cross the street but I certainly wouldn't call those that report on their racist rallies "partisan hacks".
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    I have a hard time believing that if someone like Glenn Beck or Bill O'Reilly dressed and looked like a woman you wouldn't make jokes about it.

    At the very least you wouldn't be jumping to their defense, lol. :rolleyes:

    That's a stupid analogy because there's no partisanship or dichotomy. A more appropriate one would be if a Neo-Nazi group was trying to demonize the KKK, omitting any information that would allow for neonazis to sympathize with them. I would call that Neo-Nazi commentator a partisan hack. Understand now?

    If you're a political commentator and you present only the facts that you can use to demonize the opposition then you are a partisan hack. She intentionally ignored the list of things they support that liberals would also support.
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    Well thank you for crucifying me with that hypothetical! A weak one at that.
    Let's pretend that all else consistent to the situation (and overlooking the fact that Bill O and Glenn Beck would not want to be labeled homosexual sympathizers--bad for business ya know) if Bill dressed flamboyantly and grew out his hair, I'd either not defend them or laugh at their expense for it?

    Or is it that I apparently only defend MSNBC (false) and attack fox news (false)? Therefore it would obviously stand to reason that you can draw this conclusion and wild hypothetical.

    I've made my position on this stupid fucking debate several times they are all fucking retarded. Yet I keep getting called out on this by Drone and now you. OK then.

    So basically you think I only attack Bill O'Reilly and Glenn Beck, but 'jump to defend' Rachel Maddow? My head's spinning dude. If you can find posts (please don't selectively edit) of mine where I cheerlead Fox News hate, yet don't criticize left-wing media, please feel free to bring it out of the mothballs.

    And yes go ahead and post the 'umadbrah' jpeg because I am ticked. I can't post in these "_____ of ____ is bi-essed!" threads anymore before I lose my god damn mind.
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    I just respect her as a person, I don't watch her show (anymore).

    I defended her because I think discrediting someones occupation because of they way they dress shows the opposer's lack of intellectual honesty or how desperate they are to get their point across... or both.

    I think Glenn Beck is a snazzy dresser, I still don't like him though.

    How do we know that you would?

    The claim you make for your style of an agenda, "the truth", is the same as everyone else's.

    Including Drone's
  10. When you start making these retarded rants in the anti-Fox/GOP/Beck threads, then maybe we'll stop pointing out your hypocrisy. As it stands, your butt hurt only comes out when someone is exposing bias, lies or misinformation from the left wing media.

    See above. Why do these thread about left wing liars in the media always turn in discussion that has nothing to do with the topic? Because you guys actively try to steer the conversation away from the OP.

    That's not why he's discrediting her occupation. He used her lies and omission of inconvenient facts to do that.
  11. #12 PhillGates, Apr 15, 2011
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    What I quoted was in regards to you.

    You where the first to bring to our attention that she dresses like a boy... like, no shit.

    It still had nothing to do with why you only assumed that Bill Maher & Rachel Maddow hates Republicans.

    You made fun of her swag because you had nothing else to talk about.
  12. #13 CREAM, Apr 15, 2011
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    I don't use this phrase lightly, but I really fucking hate you man. Down to your very being. I hope this gets me banned to be honest, so I can be forced to not interact with you again. You win man. I give up.

    I stated that I thought Maddow is a hack, but that I dislike the comparisons to a boy. That's it. Then aaronman called me out. So I responded. And I'm steering away the conversation. Fuck you.

    Seriously, fuck you. The sad part is, this is me holding back.


    disrespect isn't tolerated here -UB
  13. An even better idea; give him his own forum and name it "DEMOCRATS PISS ME OFF!!!"
  14. I wonder am I the only one who ever thinks to themselves - "I wonder if these guys who predominate the politics section even realize how detrimental to the section they really are?"

    I also wonder if they even smoke weed
  15. Get over it already. Go back and read some of the things you and others have said about Limbaugh, Beck. or Palin.

    I assumed? Did you not watch the clip?

    This from a guy who said he respected this so called journalist when most of HER time was spent reporting on what Fox News reported.
  16. I've pointed this out before, but... If its people like me ruining the forums, what does that make you? All you ever post about is how much you hate other people's posts. You contribute nothing of value. Here you are once again doing your best to derail actual discussion. Thanks for that! [​IMG]
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    My advice would be to get off the computer and meet a girl. No matter how much I disagree with people, it doesn't affect me enough to hate someone "to their very being". For fuck sake man.. [​IMG]

    How are we any different then you guys who hate Republicans/conservatives/libertarians and anyone who doesn't agree with you?

  18. I was just correcting you.

    Are you mad?

    Yeah, assumed.

    They didn't say they hated Republicans, they said 'these people'.

    That could mean or refer to anything.

  19. [​IMG]

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