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  1. I just started veg 2 day and before i take them to my spot there are alot of rabbits i dont know if they will fuck with the green im growing but jus to stay on my toes what should i do to keep them away anything natural homemade i dont wanna come out my pocket but i will if i have to
  2. hmmm was thinking of a good response for this, my natural instinct would be a bassat hound dog, this dog could guard your plants and keep away any rabbits or animals that could be harmful to your girls

    however after deep consideration, if you have a dog tied up to this location, it may attract people/persons to play with the dog, which in the end makes your security situation a problem...

    last but not least and i feel this strongly will help in your aid to keep away humans/rabbits/other harmful creatures to your location, would be to simply buy a lion, people can get past a dog, but NOBODY fvcks with a lion :smoking:
  3. I might just be making this up, but I recall hearing that marigolds deter either rabbits or deer or both. You could also sprinkle your plants with cayenne pepper. I know my parents do that in their garden...seems to work pretty well.
  4. yea i was lookin for somthing like that you would think more people have answer's 2 my problem since rabbits eat up non weed gardens ill give the peeper a try who know's they probly wont even fuck with my weed............right
  5. Stand guard with a .22. Rabbits are finger lickin´ good!!
  6. I dunno, man... It is quite possible they will chomp it. I have some around here, and I'm not sure if it was a rabbit that got it, but not long ago a sprout that was left outside over night had been munched by morning. they seem to love any new green baby plants. I can't offer much advice of how to protect against them though...
  7. Being serious, are you sure it is rabbits and not the dreaded SLUGS???

    They can destroy a newly sprouted grow in a night.
  8. it may not even be slugs, around here cats seem to eat up small plants like candy. and yeah, i would say get your self a 20 gauge and go hunting. its like rabits are the only thing god eats.....cuz they taste so good.
  9. Now you mention it, Ebinezer, my next door neighbour´s cat took a few bites out of my babies. Did no real damage though.
  10. it is rabbits i see them jumpin around at my grow all the time
  11. your a texan and your not blowing away random stuff? or even bunnies messin with your crops! i dont believe it........
  12. i aint from the country boy im from dallas you no any crops in the city

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