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R.i.p. :(

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by namron_420s, Oct 3, 2002.

  1. i had a friend die yesterday in a car wreck, it killed him and his wife...and im just thinkin about that, bein high and all, death is kind of a trip..i mean, i can remember, heh, when i first started workin up there, we would clown all the time, had fun, talked about crazy shit, he always joked around about houngin out at my house and stuff..smokin with my like that....i always expected for somewhere down the road wed hang out or somethn, ya know the way old friends always seem to find each that cant happen...death isnt something to dwell on when your high..i mean, im not afraid to die...i just dont want everybody to be all sad for me..i want people lighten blunts, tappin a keg, and disco dancing naked on my casket....i dont want no black clothes n shit, i want some fucking leighs and hawaiin shirts, and girls in grass skirts...haha, that way i could give all yall girls one more lay ;)...and i want a half in my casket with me..ya know..just in case the egyptians were on to somethin..

    love yall, send his family your good karma and will get sorted out :)
  2. I'm really sorry about your friend and his wife. I am SO sending out good vibes and Karma for their family and for you, too.

    Hugs for Normsy Poo!!!!!!

    ....and....I'd love to disco dance naked on your casket in a grass skirt and a lei!!!!!!!!!!
  3. gonna put it in my will
  4. don't really know you Norm, but I'd be happy to stop by your funeral and light one up some day, if you go before me that is. I'm so sorry for you and your friend. this next one's for him and his wife :)
    If there's a heaven I'm sure he's up there tokin' up with jesus, or mohamed, or phil hartman or someone.
    And it's alllllll legal. ;)

    btw death FREAKS ME THE FUCK OUT! and there's nothing wrong with that.
  5. Yeah man that really is a fucked up thing to have happen to anyone, I know it'll probably take a while to get over with, especially if he was a close friend...Stay strong and smoke some fat ass blunts, it'll help soothe your mind.
  6. my deepest sympathies to you and your friends family. also a great big fattie i'm gunna smoke for em in thier honor. it's hard and sad but they are truly in a better place......
  7. i am sorry to hear your friend passed on norm... that totally sucks and i feel for you :( especially a car accident, sudden and no warning. it's a shock. smoke while thinking about your friend and his wife, and they will most likely be with you in some element, if just in your heart.

    but i agree, party for the funeral! i will be happy to party on your behalf when you can't anymore.

    i've kinda resolved to do the same sort of thing when i pass on. no funeral, cremated, force the family to go to the beach or disneyland or something with my life insurance $.

    life should be celebrated, even when it ends.
  8. on a similar note..i think thats why kids are so pissed off at their parents..look at the fucking world they get brought into...hell yeah im like "fuck you" you just wanted to get off..and then put me in this fucking shit hole!!..RAAAAAAA!!

    parents are cool sometimes tho, like when they whipe your ass when your a kid..or feed you all the time...and scare the monsters away.
  9. Sorry for ya man.

    Yeah.........don't rag on parents too bad..............Lord knows I ain't perfect but I'm here every day tryin'. :)
  10. yup i know..and thanks to all of yall too helps more than yall know

  11. I hear that!!!! When I go- there's a three bong minimum to get in. Nothing with less than five bright colours to be worn. Music all by good stoner artists and a big keg of beer...

    Karma to the family...
  12. sorry to here that norm. the next fatty's for you!
  13. I'm with everyone else on the sending good karma out to their families...

    As for funeral dancin...I'm in full agreement....who the hell wants to mope around a big wooden box when you can celebrate and see smiles all 'round?

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