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  1. Well my blades I knew it would happen but had no clue it would happen to this piece. I broke, well bensmokin broke my VIP bong, its not that bad as all I have to do is order a new downstem/diffuser for it but I was crushed when I saw it hit the floor. i don't have pics at the moment but we all know what a broke bong looks like. Just wanted to let all my blades know bout my mishap this weekend. I'm cool with it, I am just bummed and wanted to tell you all. Thanks for listening blades later, JOE:mad:
  2. Aww, sorry to hear about that...but i'm glad it's not broken for good!!
  3. sorry to hear that bro i broke one of my bongs (texas benny) yesterday!
  4. people break bongs alot, theres always a broken bong story on this forum, but yeah that sucks ass man, you can rebulid him, you have the technology
  5. Yes you are right I do,I will make him better faster stronger, HAHA! I have already ordered the new piece and the ashcatcher should be coming in soon. JOE>
  6. me and my friends break downstems all the time.

    we have a bong on it's 7th or 8th downstem.

    sorry to hear it though, it's always a hassle having to go buy a new one.

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