R.I.P. to an epic 10in Goatee.....

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    Ok, so I've been growing my goatee for a long time, I work Security and Club Bouncing so its not a problem usually. Also I am a biker and member of a Club, so it fits my 'style'. I have a contract starting on the 20th, where I would have to cut it down to a 'respectable' length.

    The problem is I have to meet the new big boss this Tuesday, and will have to make a good impression. Plus I've had this goatee in bands so long the tip is kind of a dreadlock and alot of my chin hairs will likely fall out when I unband it (happened before)

    So Im likely just gonna go clean shaven (first time in like 3-4 years) and I really don't think Im gonna like myself with no facial hair. I have friends who say I shouldn't cut it since its so epic. But we are already dodging the landlord and his eviction attempts so I must do what's needed for the money.

    Im not asking advice, like I said its gotta come off, Im just high and thought Id share my sadness at losing such an epic goatee....

    Oh well.... *toke*

    EDIT: anyone ever had a trademark style beard or hair style, and felt any self image problems after getting rid of it? I think that's my main concern is more of a self confidence issue

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  2. Hey Bro,
    It is just hair. It is not you....Who do you think you are? Sampson? LOL.............anyways cut it or maybe you will be eating it when you run out of money. You can become Picans.........."pica is where you impulsivly eat your own hair." Gross........anyways, you have to do what you have to do. If you have to be clean shaven then clean shave yourself. No one will judge you for that because you have to live and eat.
    What is the name of your club bro.
    ol' RED EYE
    Skinner - A.O.A. 1%-------COPPER Region
  3. i litterally just read a post today about your giant goatee and how your weighted it down with a cross when riding. thought it was bad ass with out even seeing it.

    weird, eh?


    EDIT: fuck it i wanted to ask you then, but didn't, so ill ask you now, you watch sons of anarchy? ahaha
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    Aoa outlaws? I grew up with the outlaws down here around orlando before and during the warlock war. Outlaws were my 1st experiences with one percenters, however not so much outlaw area. We had the warlocks move into our area, and growing up around the outlaws I had some suspicions, however our Sgt at arms grew up in Lockhart which is the warlock mother chapter...so some kinda tense meetings. Lol

    In the end, we met with the warlocks and a founding member and laid any concerns to rest, it was very respectful that they approached us before claiming territory.

    We however are not a 1% club, and are very active in our community. The police have their problems but the local merchants and such support us. Not I nor my club support the Warlocks MC or Outlaws MC, but as long as their business doesn't interfere with us, and they don't get a bad profile (which will look bad on any club including ours) were good.

    Personally I wish the outlaws were more active but that's my opinion not of the Club..

    The Club Im in is called The CenFL Rydaz AC, been in this area since 1998, not a 1% club, just a few 1% members lol...Much respect to you

    Side note; whoo whooo, and one of my brothers said I was prob the only patchholder in The City, lol... Blades from different backgrounds, gotta love GC
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    Yea I remember that post, I had to weigh it down when I ride cuz it slaps me in the face, lol....

    And I've seen SOA, but no I don't watch it. I don't even have a TV. Im sure its awesome show, but I don't need to watch it in my off time, I get enough in real life...lol
  6. This is a pic I took yesterday with our Sgt at arms, I was gonna add it to the above post about the club but forgot, and it wont let me add a picture on an edit,..

    I will miss the goatee, but yea...gotta do what I gotta do,

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    Yeah I hate shaving my beard it makes
    Me feel like im a little kid or some shit. Not just looking in the mirror I just feel a loss of any self confidence it sucks. So I moved to portland where I can have it haha.
  8. In the end its just a goatee man, cut it off and frame it if it means that much to you.

    best of luck on the new job and that little skeleton is still the shit. :smoke:
  9. Yea thanx, I put the skeleton on for a one night event we did, but I got and still get alot of compliments from it...so I kept it. Only had one leg, which apparently fell off somewhere...so in the middle of the road somewhere is a random fake skeleton leg.....in may lol
  10. Tie it to your little rack in the back of the bike, that way it's always with you :rolleyes:.

    And does that say "dgaf" on that guys' bobber? Haha apparently he does "gaf" if he can take the time to do that. :devious:
  11. Yea it does, cuz that used to be my bobber. My Club name is DGAF lol. U can't see it but it says DGAF on my windshield. His name is Hashish (but he doesn't wanna flaunt that on the bike) lol
  12. Impressive growth but correct decision in getting rid of it.
  13. Oh nice, i should be swooping up a 1971 cb500 this weekend for 200 bucks if all goes well, hoping to make it a cafe racer :D.
  14. Cool beans. I personally don't like the cafe bikes cuz of the flat out seats, but I know a dude that has a lil Honda 600 cafe.

    I always loved bobbers, rat bikes, and rat bobbers. Lol

    This current bike I have (the 1100) is the first bagger I've owned
  15. Wow I'm impressed. A full patch biker on GC :smoke:

    The Angels in Amsterdam have a sort of cookout each year with barbecues and lots of beer on the clubhouse grounds (clubhouse itself is still off-limits). I checked it out last year.

    Nice guys if you can avoid asking too many questions :p

    Anyway, don't wanna get more off topic. R.I.P. goatee. May the opportunity to grow another one soon present itself.
  16. Well...todays the day.

    In about an hour or so Im going to the Clubhouse, having a big cookout and party...then Im shaving it off. Buzzing my head down (currently a Mohawk) and shaving off the goat.

    Thanx to everyone who reassure me that its not a big deal...but I still can't help but be a little nervous, afterall its been a trademark of mine for years....*sigh*

    Wish I had some weed left...hope someone has some today lol
  17. Ok, its done....

    ...I look like a 10 year old. :(

    But what's done is done


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  18. I know how it feels to lose such a wicked beard. The most I got was a Three Spike Goatee about 6inches long, braided em all. Funny thing is I got away with it because it was High School, after that, I never bothered going back but I sure do miss the bastard.

    But you had an awesome goatee brother, also good luck on your job and what not, hope everything is all good and you prosper.

    Beardpower! Fuck Yeah!
  19. i would've put it on the skeleton haha. but badass bike, R.I.P goatee. I hate having no facial hair, maybe go with a stubble or something if your job permits.

    i'm no rider or holder (want a bike someday for just cruising) but half my fam did the business. you prob don't like me now though haha. oh well different country. things aren't as rowdy as they used to get.
  20. Ahhh...good idea on the skeleton. Tho might wait until I get a better one this halloween. The only thing holding this ones head on is duct tape. Lol

    Thanx about the bike, im a chill and respectful person. Were cool.

    Gonna go back to handlebar mustache most likely. Gotta meet the big company boss in the morning, then I can regrow sumthin

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