R.I.P. Sour Bong

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  1. So I bought this piece for my 19th birthday. I got it at Get-it-On smoke shop in Mission Beach near San Diego. I paid $300 for the Bong, Bowlpiece, and Carry Case. About 2 weeks later im reaching under my desk to take a rip before bed and the tip of my fingers pushed it over :mad: I couldn't sleep all night I was so upset!

    2ft. Sour Brand, "natural flow", GonG, 18mm Joint, Zong to Straightshot.
    18mm Bowl piece
    2.5ft Magic Tailor Shoulder Case
    Damage View 1
    Damage View 2
  2. Holy shit...Im so sorry man:( The next rip is for you.
  3. damn thats a fucking sweet bong man. i'm sorry.
  4. Dude, I feel so bad. I have a green Sour and I love it. Next bowl of Mango Kush out of it is for your Sour and my 5 kink Sour zong the police took last year...:(

    My current Sour:


    My 5 kink(same as left side)...ohhhh my heart! :cry:

  5. Would you recommend Sour? Im getting a bong of theirs next week, its the one that the german chick in the photo is holding 2 of and i wanna make sure im gettin my moneys worth its 250$

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