R.I.P chong bong!!!!!

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  1. It broke last week while enroute, rarley ever took him anywhere, never should of left with him,i rolled my ankle while walking fell down and i heard a smash!!!! its was my favorite peice out of the 20 plus years i have been tokin.cant bear too throw out this piece that is left,too much sentimental value and good smoking times ,i paid like 110 dollars for this back in like 99 or 2000, i know value since then has more than doubled, not the point now.been searching last couple of days on web for local or not glass blowers who could possibley salvage something together from what i have left,,really bummed havent even toked since this happend!

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss.

    Pieces come and go, but the herb will always be around. Trying to salvage it may not be the best option at this point. You'd be better off packing a bowl in his honor. The memories will remain...

    Keep on tokin! :smoking:
  3. It's a real shame there's no more bongs around much like Chong's or old JBDs, I would be so pissed in your situation.
  4. :eek: srry dude that sucks
  5. Yeah man the old JBDs were the absolute shit in the day, before that whole pipeworks shit. I wanted one soooo fuckin bad and now theyre almost impossible to find anymore (real ones anyway)
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    Sorry about your bong, looked like a nice piece. With a little work you could use whats left of the tube for taking knife hits or make a waterfall bong with it. Good luck.

    EDIT: Now that I think about it, you could make a sick steamroller out of that thing using a dremel and glass bit.
  7. Hells yea! make a steam roller ,that would be sickk
  8. it's gonna cost a pretty penny, but you should contact preston at stoneglassworks. if nothing else he could probably just take the neck and blow a new bubble (or beaker or inline for that matter).

  9. This really is a real shame.
    Sorry for your loss in this situation. I wish I could even find an original Chong Tube in this day.
  10. That would make such a dope steamroller

  11. thanks foe the tip, jus might send it in too them. what heck, make my own little chong bong-frankenstein
  12. omg fuck wow that litterally hurts you can totally get a blower tomake you a new base or even fuse one from an old school JBD maybe on to it i hope you salvage that i would even buy just that part of a chong you may never throw that away
  13. "What the FUCK, man?!" -Tommy

    My condolences.
  14. that crossed my mind to try and sell it on ebay or craigslist ,but i think im just gonna save up sum loot and get him fixed up
  15. dunno if you still have it, but i probably made that piece originally, was the lead blower at Chong. i can fix it to pretty much new if you still have it, msg me
  16. Erm your sounding sketchy man...

    No offense.
  17. yeah about that...Paris Chong hired me to replace a tweakin thief named Jonathan, I was the lead blower at Chong for the almost two years before the raid, worked with Chris Carlson and Jeremiah and all the rest, theres a tiny bit of footage in the documentary with me drawing some letters on a piece, you cant see my face but you can see the pics of my pitbull Phoenix and my 70 1/2 camaro z28 rs on the back wall of my workstation....or you can ask Tommy about me as i know he still remembers me, sorry it sounds sketchy but i was most likely the one who made that individual piece and it would annoy me if some hack ass glassblower turned a chong into a steamroller or put a fucking GonG fitting on it...was jus tryin to be nice

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