R.I.P Bradley

Discussion in 'General' started by Heinous Anus, Jul 22, 2007.

  1. (My original thread was deleted. And rightly so. It was posted in the wrong area.)

    But, my thought's still hold true. I wish Sublime was still around to grace us with new jams. :smoke: I know I'd share my weed with them.

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  2. I remember going to a Sublime concert when I was 7. My best friend's, older brother went, and he was baby-sitting me that day. He brought me anyway. I guess he really didn't want to miss that concert.

    I guess, that started the stoner-ness in me...

  3. Dood, that is fucking awsome. I was only in 9 when he died and was only listening to rap back then lol.

    They had the most unique sound IMO and Brad could actually bust out some mean solos. One thing bands lack today.

  4. Eh, it was really nothing special. I really, vaguely remember it. I really wish someone had recorded it. I seriously remember like 2 mins of it, at most.

    Fuck...why couldn't have I been an appreciative stoner at 7?
  5. Sublime can just manipulate their instruments to create some of the craziest sounds you've ever heard.

    [nostalgia]Brad has that edgy, dont-take-shit-from-nobody voice and he wasn't half bad on the guitar. Eric Wilson is just one of the best bassists of all time, IMO. He was just his own style, and it's amazing to feel his bass pumpin' up and down when you got the volume full blast. And Bud's drumming just compliments them perfectly. This was truly a pioneering band. Meth fucked them up just as it has so many lives. Brad still had so much good music left in him. [/nostalgia]
  6. Sublime has been my favorite band since I was a real young lad of around 10. Brad Nowell's acoustic music speaks to me in such a way, and has helped me through many a bad time. Also, alot of sublimes music seems to represent the way I live, the shit Ive seen and been though. I can relate to sublime on so many levels.

    It really brings me down to think that Ill never be able to see my favorite band live in concert. Hell, it brings me down to think that people like brad nowell, kurt cobain, and bob marley arent around for me to see live.

    Its sad the way brad went out, but then again, because he died when he did that put him at legend status. Im glad Ill never get the chance to be displeased with sublimes music.

    RIP Brad, much love homie.
  7. Bradley Nowell's father, Jim Nowell, said:
    "Brad will always live for me in his son, Jake, and we can all seek relief from our grief by loving and nurturing the son he gave to us. Brad touched many people with his caring personality and musical genius and we are all lucky to have had him in our lives. Men who have lived longer have achieved less and I am content that he is now at peace".

    Kind of waste though imo, imagine how many great songs that could have been.
  8. Sublime is in my top 5 favorite bands of all time. I definately wish I coulda seen them live.

    Bradley why'd you OD you bastard!!
  9. lo-ser *insert middle finger here*
  10. I thought i was the only one :( Bradley of sublime was a crazy artist, and i really think you should have been around ALOT longer.... very sad to over think his death... but i listen to some of my favorite songs and its like hes still around.....

    what i would have done to meet this man.....
    not to mention roll up a fatty.
  11. QFT

    Sorry guys, I just don't get the Sublime thing.
  12. How deep have you looked into their music?

    Have you listened past the radio tunes?

    Meh, cant expect everyone to like everything that everyone else likes.
  13. Sorry for bumpin the thread (even though Sublime deserves it) just wanted to say thanks heinous... +rep for puttin me into a sublime-listening mood.

    arg ill have to owe you that rep, gotta spread the rep around first.
  14. Sublime is the shit, i could care less what anyone else thinks.
  15. I love Sublime, never saw them live though, I'm only 20 right now so when he died I was 10 years old. I didn't start listining till like my first year in high school. I love Sublime and always will, great fucking music. RIP BRADLEY NOWELL
  16. Anyone know if they have a video for "Caress Me Down?"

  17. I've seen several videos of them playing it live on some of my DVDs, and on YouTube. I'm almost positive they don't have a music video for it, though. Not much of a fan of music videos.
  18. Watching a boot-legged concert right now. :)

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