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    Not sure if they have the ride program in the states...but here in Ontario cops set up stations on highways and other busy roads real late at night and catch people drunk driving/ under the influence. Anyways, last night me and 5 friends were all jammed in my buddys honda civic and we were all just friggin timed to the nine. The driver was sober and we had another buddy in the trunk cuz we didnt have room in the car. :p

    So we're driving along, taking these girls back home and we come over a hill and see a ride program. :eek: Every single person in the car (except the driver) had possetion of at least 5gs of pot, and other drugs. :smoke: All the paraphanilia was in the trunk with our (at this point sleeping) friend of ours. And we were heading straight for it. We peeled off into a closed gas station and pretended to pump gas. (Debit cards at the pumps ftw ;)) Then we turned around and went away from them. Luckily for us there were about 5 cars that went by as we were pretending to pump gas, so we took off and went through a half hour detour.

    Now, lets say we just said 'fuck it' and pulled up to the ride station. What would of happend?
    What would of happend if we ditched everything at the gas station, crammed our other buddy who was in the trunk into the backseat and then went through? We're all just fucked, we have an extra person in the car...but the drivers perfectly fine.
    And obviously if the cops saw us turn around and chased us down, we all would have been busted.

    It would be great to know all this, so if it happens again we dont all have a heart attack this time. :)
  2. Whats the RIDE program?
  3. Basically cops set up in groups of 4 or so just over hills and on long roads where you cant turn around with their lights on. They stop every car that goes by and check people for drugs/alcohol. It's to stop people from drinking and driving.
  4. Oh, so its a check point basically
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    Pretty much.
  6. You wouldve either
    a: been flagged thru
    b: Stopped, searched, questioned, one of you wouldve slipped up, all of you wouldve got tickets
  7. ive been blessed as ive never come into contact with them... i think theyre gone after 3 am
  8. oh man was i freakin out when i got stopped at one with a half oz and my bong in the backseat *shudder*

    and by stopped i mean "can you pull over here for a minute son"

    yesssss officer ill get my tags updated can i just gtfo of here :((((( hahaha lucky as fuck
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    B woulda been us. None of us could form a half decent sentence, and the guy in the trunk was just done, lol.
  10. Here in the US our lovely Bill of Rights protects us from that kind of thing. Unfortunately, some states do it anyway.

    Thank god I live in the drinking state, that shit would not fly up here.
  11. So in other words the officers probably would of lined us up on the side of the road and executed us. Last late night road trip I ever take part in.:hello:
  12. Here in san diego they had those set up everywhere because kids would drive drunk and kill themselves up to 2,3 or 4 others in the car, it was getting crazy. Pretty sad how some can't be smart with certain things.
  13. we have a ride program here that offers free rides for drunk students
  14. Ive come across 2 with my brother. One, my brother had 2 beers, so we saw it up ahead, turned off and gunned it. They sent a cruiser after us, no sirens on or anything but we were like 2 minutes from home and were inside before anything happened.

    The next we were coming back from walmart picking up my xbox, stopped, asked what we were doing, showed him the xbox he let us on our way.

    I was baked both times, my brother was baked the second time. As long as you're alert, don't slur any speech and you're polite I've found no problems at RIDE programs.
  15. We used to have one of those in town. Who know what happened to it :confused:.

  16. They did this at my highschool. I think it got cancelled because people were using the system to

    A: Go to convenience stores, or
    B: Using it when they were sober and just needed a ride

    But that's what I thought you were talking about when I saw the title.

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