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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by aerials47, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. so i'm using an ounce of pretty decent bud. i'm following hashmoufs guide, but his example was using shake. my only real question before i go ahead with this, is do i grind up the bud first? maybe just finger bust it? any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. If you grind up the bud you will expose more surface area, exposing more thc. So yes, it would probably be a good idea to grind it up.
  3. if you grind it up you also get kief in your grinder that would otherwise most probably be lost so yeah i think you should grind it up!!
  4. Smoking the bud would be much more efficient.
  5. grind it up as fine as you can get it
  6. Using a coffee grinder would be a great step towards great QWISO hash. If its really finely grinded, 20-30 seconds on ISO wash would be more than enough.
  7. yea just smoke it son!

    I just dont have it in my heart to wreck a whole zip of decent stuff on some hash. but i guess each to their own.
  8. just did this with some decent bud as well, used 17 grams and yielded 3 grams of oil.... in response to smoking being more efficient its actually about the same. If you figure yourself to only take about .5 bong rips like i do that means you get 2x28=56 rips to an ounce. If you use that same dank and get about 6 grams oil you only take .1 rips and there alone your getting 60 hits to an ounce.... lots of the time to an average hit is like .05
  9. Grind up half of it really fine and make the oil or hash, then smoke it with the stuff you left and you'll have to best of both worlds

  10. Same with me I couldn't break up some nugs just for hash, I always just save my stems. I wish I had enough bud to be throwin around making hash though..

  11. same here. maybe when I grow, but then I'll have lots of trimmings and shake... so probably not.

  12. yep the bud is sacred to me. Frosty trimmings are destined for hash.
  13. I have like 1-1.5 grams of shake. Can this be made into qwiso? Also, keep in mind I don't have a grinder (yet!)

  14. Not enough
  15. ya i have about ten grams left of my last bag, picked up an O for 170 earlier today. in a week, i go on break for ten days. honestly i just wanna do it myself for once, and i love hash so i know i'll be happy with what i get out of it.
    as for those who say grind, that's what i was thinking too but i figured i'd double check. thanks!

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