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  1. So I've made QWISO a few times now and I'm wondering how to work with it. It's so viscous and sticky, it's damn near impossible to get it into anything. The best I've been able to do is keeping it in the freezer and chipping it off the evap dish with a putty knife while still in the freezer. Then I use forceps to get it in a vial (because touching it heats it up enough to make it sticky again) where I can vape it. This works but overall the process is very inefficient due to the massive transfer losses. I hate transfer losses. lol

    How do you guys deal with it?
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  2. We share it with our grasscity friends!

    I've made extract using QWET. It was intended to use orally (like RSO). It was too sticky to get into syringes, so I mixed in a small amount of coconut oil. It made it a lot easier to work with. I don't know what oils or solvents are dab-friendly, but you may need to dilute it with something.
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  3. Look at Holy Terp products. They mix easily with any concentrate and vape pretty good.

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  4. Getting into into qwiso I've learnt,

    Get an anti stick silicon pad,
    Get containers too
    Vape: use ejmix to make instant vape juice from qwiso
    Scale to measure your efficiencies and washes, (their weights and potencies differ)
    Get Quartz birdcage, banger or nail to DAB and be most efficient about getting high..

    Good luck

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  5. Great info. Thanks man :smoke:

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