QWISO: Is this safe?

Discussion in 'Harvesting and Processing Marijuana' started by _converge, Sep 21, 2009.

  1. So a friend gave me the trimmings of all his plants (like a garbage bag and a half) and I wanted to try to make to QWISO hash since Ive never had hash, homemade or not. I followed all the directions and set out the solution to evap but 48 hours later it still hasnt evaporated (~28oz of iso to a quart jar full of trim). I rigged up a hairdryer with some duct tape and had it almost completely evaporated but the liquid has turned brown, kinda of a chocolate milk color. I can see where clumps are forming on the plate, but i wanted to make sure this was normal and safe and smokeable?

    Also if i was outside could I light a plate of this on fire to evap it?:smoke:
  2. No you couldn't light it on fire to evaporate it. And did you do a quick wash and then pour it out into a pan or pyrex dish? Just put a fan in front of it and scrape it into a clump every so often and it will dry. When its ready it will be somewhat moist (not wet) and sticky.
  3. I did a quick wash had it in a metal pan for a day and then switched to a ceramic plate. Its completely dry now. I managed to scrape up a ball the thickness of a pen of black goop. normal?
  4. Sounds pretty normal, how does it smoke?

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