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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by CitySmoker420, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. ok so im looking into making some hash because my budy grows but im afraid that he wont have eneough for me to make hash from... if i went out and got a bunch of shwag, could i use that?
  2. the quality of trimming and buds you use, will DEF effect the quality of the hash.

    If its a good plant that ur buddies growing, i wouldnt mix the 2. about how much trim do u have? Ive seen people make isohash wid like 7 grams... you dont get much but then again your not using much
  3. im not lookin to make alot... im jsut looking to turn some shake into kind!
  4. If you check the link in my sig I used ~7g of some quality bud and got 1-1.5g of some good qwiso hash.
    Don't bother with schwag honestly. Just get some decent trimmings/mids at least.
  5. lol actually.... i got the idea and inspiration to do it from your link... about a week ago
  6. lol well there you go. I recommend it, hash oil is lots of fun.

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