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Qwiso dried up... Help me fix it.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by bobob, Jul 1, 2011.

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    So 2 days ago I made some qwiso hash n was super excited to try it. I let it sit out all day and eventually all the liquid just kind of dried up. What I was left with was a slightly moister version of Kief. Nothing like the gooey oils that I had seen pictures of. The two things I think might have gone wrong were that I used 99% alcohol so maybe there wasn't enough water. N the other thing was I set it in direct 85+ degree sunlight for like 4 hours. What do u guys think?
  2. i think you'll be just fine in life.
  3. What?? I was looking for information on what would cause qwiso to be dry
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    I think a bird must have flown in and mistaken the dying qwiso for a miniture pond in it final stages of dehydration and proceeded to drink the moisture, it will then of course have gotten high and probably caught and killed by a predator, I hope you're proud of yourself
  5. Sounds like hash to me :smoke:
    The oily shit you see is hash oil, it's a different way to make it
  6. What?? I was looking for information on what would cause qwiso to be dry
  7. Sum of the best qwiso i made came out literally like kief..

    It depends on the starting product, how long you shook the iso with the bud, etc..

    Your end result sounds fine to me man, i prefer it too be dry. But most of the time i get a very hard oil, that bubbles when smoked
  8. you always WANT to use 99% iso, the water in there gives it the ability to dissolve tons of other shit you dont want, and quickly....

    You could, redissolve it all in the iso... evaporate it and see if it changes forms, but sometimes it just comes out as a powder... nothing you can really do about it... and, all the oils, left in open air, will dry up eventually and become harder... thats just how it works
  9. sounds like you made some good qwiso :)
  10. Your qwiso is fine....really depends on strain and your method

    I've had qwiso dry and look like straight keif and others it will be actual oil.

  11. when my comes out as a more powdery substance, i just melt it into a blob and it generally becomes shatter qwiso in enough heat hahahah
  12. I cleaned my grinder last night and went to scrape it today and it was very dry and powdery and wasnt scraping off well. What I did is I used an electrical over (no direct flame) and heated up the pyrex dish for about 45 seconds to 1 minute, when you go to scrape it, it all collects on the razor and you can form it into a ball.

    Worked for me, try it if you find the powder a little hard to scrape.
  13. My qwiso was actually incredibly potent... One thing that I found is that if your qwiso comes out dry adding a few drops of water makes it more workable and increases the length of time it burns. Mines a workable glob now.

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