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  1. Yup, no more toking for me. At the moment I have too much drama going on in my life to deal with concealing stoner habits. This all came after my mom found me lying about some stupid shit, started crying and thought I was a total fuck-up. While I know Im not a fuckup, I can see that I may well become one if I dont straighten up.

    To keep me from getting tempted into coming back, I'll let you all know that I am 16. For all of you other underage users out there reading, I urge you to do the same. Mary Jane will always be around for you to have fun with when you are older; but your teen years are the time when you shape the rest of your life.

    Anyways, fare thee well Grasscity, Im done. I know Im nothing of a celebrity as far as the forums go, but posting here will give me a kind of closure :)

    Stay happy.
  2. my mom did the same thing when she found out.

    she cried and said, "my son is on drugs"

    i should have responded, with a sob "so is my mom"
  3. I, as well as the rest of GC I'm sure, appreciate your underage confession. It takes some balls to do that bro. I wish you luck on your teen journeys, but to let you know that it only gets worse :)
  4. That takes a lot of self control. Good luck to you. I respect your decision. Dont forget us.
  5. ^Alpha, I just noticed that you joined 2 days after me. :D :D :D

    (P.S. 400 post.)
  6. Really? How much balls does it take to reveal a truth to a bunch of strangers you've never met.

    Good luck on your break, I am too taking a break to detox.

  7. lol, its a hard thing to do mang. :cool:
  8. Hmm, been a couple of hours and Im not banned yet. Lets step it up, moderators! :smoke:

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