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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Greeen, Mar 7, 2009.

  1. Yeah, i AM quitting weed.. I need to get my life together. I have been smoking for only 6 months straight really, about a year total. im on my 3rd day.. and wow. im pissed all the time. LOL. anyways, how long will it take to get rid of this "Foggy" feeling? Also the anger? I am not enjoying this.... I really would like to lite up, but i will not.. I want to have MJ be there to smoke every now and then, Not every day, day after day... Like i said, i just feel very foggy, and even depressed... So yeah, in a couple of months i will see where i am at, If im doing really good, feeling great, and everything is going alright, i will see to start smoking again, but not as much as i was.. I really think MJ is a great "herb" and it is not a drug to be abused. thanks for any answers! :wave:
  2. It's a pretty tough task to just "quit" on the spot when your a hard user.
    My advice would be to take it step by step, if your goal is to just smoke once a week or somethin, start by skipping a day every week, then start skipping 2 days, then 3.... and so on... You might still feel " foggy " and pissed off, but on a much lower, less noticable level.
  3. If it's already been three days you'll be fine in another day or two. Ninety nine percent of it is just in your head.
  4. i used to smoke a lot. Was much easier for me to go down in levels. So yea.. been on 3 weeks straight as of today. I might puff on 420 idk
  5. just go hang out with non msoking freinds
    be productive dont just sit around being depressed and thinking about it
  6. sounds to me your smoking low quality marijuana that are indica dominate. Low quality weed all the way to Mids leave you foggy headed and so tired you have to sleep within hours of getting high. With good weed the highs are different and the comedowns are super with no bad cloudy feeling. Try to upgrade or grow your own organically so your highs and comedowns change your perspective on quiting.
  7. I smoked a lot during winter break and just got bored of it. After a few weeks, it was like smoking for the first time again.
  8. dude, being someone who was a hard user for 2 years. id smoke a ounce a week alone.
    but now i have to stop smoking for numerous days at a time due to money issues, and yeah...its fukin hard. and i felt just like u , pissed, and depressed, and anxious
    sometimes id have to go for like 5 days of hell with no smoke... but it gets easier as the days go shouldnt just quit...u should start quitting decreasingly. like skip a day then smoke a day, but not as much as you would. and less, and less, till you can go without smoking and feel fine. not an easy task, but achievable i think.,
  9. It's pretty easy...Just go do other things. Sometimes I'll just go a week without smoking for no reason and not even think about it.
  10. Good for you and your priorities, bro.

    The first couple weeks is the hardest. I know this because I was smoking 6x a day for a couple months then had to cut down to once every couple weeks. You're going to have a hard time sleeping and eating, and you'll be very irritable and even depressed. The best way is to give someone all your weed and paraphenalia and keep your mind off the herb.

    Best of luck

  11. lol bro, i cant believe im saying this but dont do it.
    if you wanna stop i wouldnt atleast. your going to remember how amazing it is and start up.
  12. man, going cold turkey off weed can be harder than you think, but you will slowly start to feel "right" withing a week or two.
  13. Thanks!! Yeah, Well i do not have anything anymore. So i can not even cut back., I was getting decent weed, High mids, very smooth weed, lots of orange hair's, nice smell, no seeds. you get the picture. :-O So i will chill for a week, and with any luck, will be back to my old self.... I am looking for that clear head again.... The energy, the sharpness, the umph. lol. so yeah thanks for the support. Got to sharpen up. And like i said, once i get everything on track, the MJ will be there for me. I then can again buy a bowl, lighter, screens, and best of all weed, and get that great high once again, and just smoke maybe on the weekends or something like that... Any one else just smoke on the weekends? How you feel that week?
  14. Try just smoking on the weekends. That's usually what I do because it makes the week feel faster since you have something to look forward to.
  15. Yeah dude after you take all this time up you can use the money you saved frm not buyin to fund a trip to Amsterdam and get BLAZED OUT! :smoking: :metal:
  16. ive been forced to quit a couple times and let me tell you the first week is the hardest. 2nd week got better the more times i quit, then after that youll be fine. like soneone said its mostly in your head
  17. i do this every 2 weeks now. get my check, pay the bills, get me a quarter/half o. smoke the hell out of it for like 3 days, then dont smoke for another week and a half. makes me soooo high and actually keeps my priorities in order.
  18. Congrats on the quit. It takes a mature person to recognize when it's time to put down something you love in order to accomplish other goals. And who knows, it may not be long before you can go back to enjoying the occasional toke. In the meantime, try to stay active, and avoid situations that remind you of smoking. The temper thing is hard, I struggle with that BAD too. Whenever I am on a T Break, I get a horrible temper. I just try to breathe and relax. I have a close friend that I hang out with help me a little with the temper thing, he kinda lets me know when I get out of hand.

    Anyway, congrats and good luck. I hope you accomplish your goals :D

  19. wtf is paraphenalia?
  20. ya lacrosse season is coming up so we've been doing conditioning the last few weeks. I havent smoked in 3 weeks, this weekend will be a full month.
    and to celebrate i will be getting high as fuck....but i wont be smoking.


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