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  1. I've seen so many people post how they feel different after quitting weed for a week or more after having been a daily smoker. Here's my experience, having been about 2 weeks clean now, I literally don't feel different at all. At all. What are these people going on about? This one is a common one, "I feel more clear." My head was never foggy? Nothing at all feels different, not my head, not my memory, not my thoughts, not my body, nothing. In terms of withdrawals, there were none. The worst of it was I didn't eat like I did when I smoked, I ate considerably less to only 1 or 2 meals for the first 3 days, Afterwards, my appetite returned to normal. I had no difficulty sleeping.

    Also, quitting was not hard. I was a daily smoker, smoked basically whenever I was home all day (as long as it was on my time, I wouldn't at work/school). Quitting weed was the easiest thing I've done, and although I'm trying, I still haven't quit soda. Says a lot, huh? I limit myself to one a day, but even so, it's more difficult to quit it all together than weed. I haven't even had so much as a hit of weed in the past 2 weeks. The reason for this isn't for a drug test, or even for a tolerance break. It is to save money. And it is working, I've decided to put away the exact same amount of money I spend on weed, instead, to a savings account. It is perhaps the best decision I've made.

    One day, I'll come back to weed. Hopefully sooner than later, but maybe this story will inspire someone else who's struggling to quit to do the same.
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  2. There's a difference for me but not enough that I can really compare. But then again I usually just smoke at night an hour or two before bed. Helps me relax after hours of studying/homework.
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  3. Honestly I don't think it'd be too different. I wasn't super heavy compared to some people, but I'm still a heavy smoker in that I smoked probably 2 - 3 times a day, daily, no breaks. I never dabbed or indulged in edibles so perhaps that also played a role in things, I only did it the old fashioned way with lighter and bud.

    But seriously, instead of spending that exact money on weed, I save that exact money up and I think that makes me just as happy as smoking a bowl to come back and see the amount I've had saved up instead of spent on weed. Knowing that I eventually can come back to weed.
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  4. Yea last two weeks I was 2-3 a day. I went 2/3 of the summer without smoking and this week I'm dry. Issues start to come up when you can't differentiate between when's a good time to smoke and when's not. I've caught myself slipping into that one day and I had to say "stop...think about what you're doing" and have been fine since then. If I have an exam in two days I'm not going to smoke.

    During the summer I took an online course (a difficult class) while working full time and got a 100% on the exam where every day I would do my homework and chores, cleaning, cooking, etc, then smoke once everything is done. It motivates you to do your work faster because you have something to look forward to. When I ran out of weed I got lazy and got an 85% on the next exam and missed a few homeworks (harder content, but you get the point).

    That's the biggest change I've seen. Alcohol on the other hand has been horrible to me and is the reason I had to retake that class during the summer. I hardly drink anymore now. My class grade went from an F to an A-.
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  5. Grow your own.
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  6. Agreed ^ I just started a few weeks ago.
  7. Very expensive option. Already went this route, and I can vouch for the expensiveness. And my house isn't the safest place to grow, considering I live with junkies who do worse than weed and have dealers coming in and out. It's only a matter of time before it catches up to them. Plus, it requires a good bit of time if you want to grow them right, and unfortunately, between my full time job and college, that is something I simply do not have a lot of.

    I've had two successful grows, but honestly, I don't have the space to make it worthwhile, especially considering the risk.
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  8. Exactly. I am vehemently against alcohol and have nothing at all good to say about it. My advice: avoid it entirely and you'll be better off, both in your wallet, and your mind and body. You definitely have a good system with weed, and the next time I come back to it, I'll limit myself to once at the end of the day after everything is done as the reward.

    Alcohol can make you just as lazy as other drugs can. So can the internet, or video games. Really, any addiction can make you lazy. People just like to target pot for that, "reefer madness." Personally, it motivated me and had the same effect on me - my grades improved after smoking weed and I had more of an interest in learning.
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  9. Quit weed! Time to grow up and get a life I guess.
  10. Deciding not to be dependent on any given substance is a declaration of independence whereas choosing to abstain from a toxin is a smart policy on treatment of the self.

    All forms of drugs induce a false sense of security given by stimulus. Because weed is nontoxic and a carcinogenic filter, having a good air supply gives better fulfillment of existing priorities. When your wallet is affected, you will adjust your wallet however security sees fit.
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  11. Well said. I have a very addictive personality. I spent a few months on a bender recently but it was less of a free fall and more of a conscious choice. "Drugs are a rational response to insanity" All thats over now..I have to live soberly but I am always going to use..just have to make sure it is a positive addiction. In the last decade I was only happy either when I was working out two hours a day or had my children so small they were attatched to me. I work out and have hobbies as of recent but not good enough cause i need my routine to be better set. it keeps getting fucked up by my school sched but that will b over soon enough thank God.
  12. If it's not affordable to smoke then you shouldn't or you should look for a way to smoke without wasting money. I know I'm the problem or the amount of money I have is the problem instead of weed itself when people talk negatively about how they "used to smoke and quit". I had a good quality of life when I had to stop smoking for over 2 years because of testing and now that it's back in my life I've been trying to be more balanced and live in a way where I could be happy without it yet still manage to make it a part of my life when possible. Whenever I'm not able to smoke it makes me appreciate it more when I can and I'll make plans sober to help me later on like putting money away here or there or saving a few bucks on groceries because it's worth it to me to "live a little" now and then even if there's more bad times than good. I can't say what weed is supposed to mean or do for anyone else but it's made me friends, I've met a ton of girls by smoking, and it makes me feel good without costing an arm and a leg or making me feel like shit afterwards like alcohol does. When my money and health is alright and I have the time to smoke I enjoy it. It does suck smoking daily and going dry but I look at it as a tolerance break and it's better to have smoked it all than to have never smoked at all.

    I'm probably not the best to practice what I preach in other ways though because it's too hard to quit soda and I'll either be stingy with my money or wasting it depending on the situation. Weed has never been a negative part of my life though it's surprisingly opened more doors and relationships than ended them.

    What makes me sad when I can't smoke is part of my life is associated with weed so it bums me out to hear music I specifically like when I'm stoned. When I was getting tested I stopped hanging out with a lot of people because weed was always involved and I couldn't fail a test so being forced to quit is different than wanting to quit because you either don't like getting high or the things that come with it like certain people or having to spend money.
  13. Just moved to VA and tried to quit. Two weeks in and I feel like crap. Sleep like crap. Brain fog like crazy. Acid reflux is out of control. I think it's going to take too long to finish going through the withdrawals and I can't be all stupid brained while doing this masters program stuff. Too bad I don't know anyone here to get some. :(
  14. I have an addictive personality as well. It also runs in my family. We're all addicts in some way, alcohol or hard drugs (mostly hard drugs with alcohol and ciggys unfortunately). Me and my grandmother were the only ones in the family who were able to break the chain of addiction. She lives a completely sober life, minus ciggys, and I live a 100% sober life now. I don't even so much as consume caffeine. I would smoke weed when the time comes, but right now, I'm fully sober, no alcohol, ciggys, or drugs of any kind.

    I can tell you. Coming from a person who does have an addictive personality. You can fight it. You can win. You just have to figure out what works for you. Hobbies are important. I collect coins, and I find it very enjoyable and rewarding, and it's a lifetime investment with a great return upon retirement (if you can manage to keep up with them that long, but being as they should have value to you, you shouldn't lose them). I also keep busy with work full time, along with college. The solution to an addictive personality is to not give yourself a lot of free time.

    You can do it! It's not easy, nobody said it was (although, quitting weed was extremely easy for me, but that's because I actually had a reason to quit, rather than just quitting for the sake of quitting, which admittedly is much harder to quit), but once you get through the first 3 days to a week of being clean, you're golden for the most part. The next hardest part is telling yourself to not touch it again, even once, no matter how bad you want to. You have to set up an invisible barrier for yourself that you can't break. And once those days add up, once it's 3 weeks clean, it only gets easier and easier to continue to not use.
  15. True, how difficult it is to break a specific habit is subjective. Yet from a certain perspective, which is obtainable by all of us, there is no level of difficulty.
  16. I agree that 3 weeks clean from most anything and you got a real shot. Thats where rehab can be helpful for some but it never worked for me. If ur getting off somethin hard it helps to have emtional support and cut off ur dealers...i would ring up debt and start drama when i knew i was gonna get m life together then change ur number. Alot of ppl dont consider weed to be a real drug but it is to some more than others. Hasnt any hold on me but some ppl just love their weed so much...and wax is like hashish it can be a real drug to consume copious amouts of it.
  17. Also listen to under the bridge on loop. Aks get clean anthem
  18. First I have been smoking weed since I was 12...pretty much daily since I was 18. It is possible that it curtailed some of my achievements but most would be happy with what I have going.
    Money does not need to be an issue when you grow your own. While I don't include electricity costs in the breakdown below...my electricity increase was eliminated by other methods. Just turning off or replacing 3, 300W entry lights (2 garages, 1 pole barn) got me close.
    Unfortunately, I don't sell. If I did, expenses would be easily and totally eliminated. As it is, I can afford not to.

    Now even better than 20 zips for $30.!!
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  19. Unfortunately, for the most part, it is an issue. Even a simple $500 (which is pretty much around the minimum setup requirement cost, I went the organic route and mixed my own soil after heavy research, which admittedly is a little more expensive too) can be too much to fork out at the beginning cost, which was why I had to buy my materials over a period of time.

    The next issue becomes space. All I have is my closet, which is insanely tiny. At best, I'll be lucky to even be able to grow 2 full size plants. Unfortunately, my room does not have the space for a grow tent, and even if it did, I wouldn't want it out in the open, for reasons I mentioned in the previous post with this house being a hot spot for notorious hard drug dealers.

    All in all, in my situation, it doesn't work. However, should you have the space, the extra $500 or patience, and your house is relatively calm with no drama or lots of different people coming in and out, you should be fine.
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  20. At one point in my life I quit smoking for a few years. I was young and got arrested for underage drinking a few times. They put me on probation. If I got in trouble again, I was screwed. So I quit drinking and smoking. I must admit, it sucked. My social life really suffered because I never have fun being at a party as the sober guy. Also, people automatically try to manipulate you into being the designated driver. Quickly, I realized I rather do stuff solo than have to deal with all that.

    I will say this. During my complete sobriety I learned a few things about myself. One is that smoking weed was really hurting my game talking to girls. Whenever I smoke, I get kind of quite. Normally, I'm a talkative, social, outgoing person. Weed makes me clam up. When I smoke now, I usually do it solo or with a couple of guy friends. The only time I smoke around women is if it's a girl that I've been dating for a while. The other thing I learned is that alcohol helps me talk to women. Not a lot but just a couple of drinks really takes off the edge.

    When I quit, I felt a little less spacey. When I smoke a lot of weed, I get short term memory problems. It's all stupid meaningless stuff like forgetting where I put my car keys. My long term memory has always been exceptional.

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