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quitting weed to go snowboarding

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by urbal, Aug 11, 2011.

  1. Just booked it last night. Snow boarding in French alps for the first time, only draw back is o pay for it i have to cut weed right out and save up money i would have spent on weed each week. I'm sickened though that i must give up weed. What do you guys think? A worthy exchange weed for snowboardin?
  2. I'd say so. Don't let weed keep you from doing new and interesting things
  3. If you have to question this (and don't get offended )then you might have an addiction

    Lol jk but a little

    Weed is lovely but its not snowboarding . You can smoke after you save . If anything tbreaks to accomplish something should make you proud
  4. not offended! ha youre half right, the idea of not smoking is tougher to comes to terms with then actually not smoking, i figure anyway 2 months and i shud havce enough cash, might only have to cut down on weed a bit then best of both worlds!
  5. #5 Smokingmazda, Aug 11, 2011
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    I agree smoking can hold you bad. But its for the obvious reason but it seems you enjoy sb that can be your other high . Maybe do both af the same time to the point where your nutting all over the place lol
  6. well skateboarding is my main hobby so will use that to keep me sane, snowboarding will be with my brothers who live in a diff country so its too good a thing to pass up! hopefully aswell ill be able to find some weed while im there
  7. yeah, if its something else you like doing, why not save some money to go snowboarding. I race longboards and sometimes need to forfeit my weed money for wheels, or whatever.
  8. go for it, but if you can, bring some weed. Weed and boarding go hand in hand!
  9. Anytime I want to do something like this the first thing to go from my budget is weed. I feel as though weed is just as any other hobby. If something else I'm interested comes along, I'm going to take a break from my current money pit until I at least try it, no matter what the hobby I would be doing at the time is (in this situation, weed).
  10. yeah man, i had a fat joint before boarding at an indoor slope when i was in england and it was fuckin deadly, decent tunes playing nice and spacey and chilled man i loved it

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