Quitting, joining the military.

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  1. Hey guys,

    I haven't posted on here in a while now, I know hardly anybody will care, but I've decided to quit the weed, at the moment I'm down to 2 days per week from 7, and that's just up until my friends are back in December, from the 1st January 2013 I'm going to be totally clean and tee total.

    This is a huge decision for me, most of my fondest memories are from when I've been smoking, I've made a number of new friends, one very good friend, I certainly will miss it and the enjoyment it brought me, but I've always wanted to have a go at military life.

    Although I'll probably be browsing here every so often until January, and perhaps even after, I'd like to say thanks to everybody who's been so cool with me on here, there are a lot of very decent, helpful and likeable members on this forum.


  2. everyone i know who joined the military completely regret that decision and would do anything to get out. just something to think about.
  3. sounds like you have some feeble minded friends 
  4. I wish you well as you open the next chapter of your life. :smoke:
  5. Hey man I remember you posting around.
    Good luck with your decision! Hope to see you return 10 years from now with some epic stories :p
  6. Good luck to you man. And remember, just because you quit doesn't mean you have to leave the city. It's a great community. I still come here, and haven't toked in a couple years at least.
  7. I just got out of the Army.. I did 6 years, thus far those were the best 6 years of my life.

    Good luck man.
  8. Yeah, everyone says that to civilians. When you join straight out of high school, it's rough. Going from smoking weed every day and just doing generally whatever the fuck you want, to being limited in what you can do, sucks.

    As for doing anything to get out, yeah that's absolutely true. Because they want that old lifestyle back. But you got those benefits if you just suck it up and do your time. There's alot of fun to be had, but there's also alot of hard work and unnecessary bullshit to put up with. If the military offered someone a choice to get out and go back home, but with no benefits, they wouldn't do it. Unless they had a sure thing going for them.

    I joined the military, yeah, I'd much rather be at home right now with my family and friends, but I also know that I've got a good thing going for me, and I'm setting myself up for success for when I transition back into civilian life.

    I guess it doesn't help that I unclog toilets. Get a good fucking rate/MOS lol, don't just take the first thing they offer you
  9. I will also be joining the military very soon. Goodluck

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    It aint your grandpas army anymore thats for sure but theres many mos you can do a lotta things if your into electronics, computers and shit like that you'll have good opportunities if you can stand out 
    A lot of the shit going on right now benefits military contractors, politicians and alike, the military industrial complex is fucking massive right now. And NATO runs the whole show 
    The US is involved in a handful of "wars/conflicts" all over the world- theres a fucking base in every country doing shit but you'll never hear it from mainstream media
  11. guys it's not about any of that it's just they realized how fucked up all of it is and don't want to be a part of it... no need for insults or anything
  12. It's a good descision man! Its a stable job with a check twice a month. I just got out in july after 6 years. It is what you make it! You'll experience a lot! And, that's always a good thing. Just do your research and figure out what exactly you want to do and with what branch.. choose the branch and job very carefully! And, don't let the recruiters rush you!!!! Take your time and choose very wisely! Recruiters are total snakes dude!! They'll tell you whatever you want to hear! Research is the word! Good luck buddy!

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