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Quitting is hard.

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Walter Sobchak, Apr 1, 2006.

  1. Damn, I've smoked every fucking day for 9 months. Now I have to get clean so I can take a test and I've already backed out of quitting several times. Last evening I smoked for the first time in four days, and the last time (besides 4/20) for the next two months.

    It's sad. And cruel. I'll live, don't get me wrong -- it's just -- I love to smoke marijuana.
  2. quitting is tough man. i dont wanna quit quit but i need to take more breaks. taking a break is hard. never mind stopping foir that long of a period.

    think of it this way. next time you toke your tollerence will bottom out and you will be fucking screwed the fuck up. 20 days till 420. 20 days to bottom your tollerence out
  3. I don't find it difficult to quit at all, it isn't physically addiciting, I enjoy smokin, but not at the expense of going to jail or not getting a job I want.
  4. true barthius, smoking is a great thing that I think everyone should do, BUT if you HAVE to be clean for any reason, its easy. Restrain yourself and tellyourself that after this test, I will blaze mad :)

    It's really hard if you still have dank left and are around it often.
  5. That's my issue.. those closest to me all smoke -- makes it harder, really.

    Ah, I'll stop bitching -- that's weak.
  6. It may suck trying to quit the chronic...but imagine people trying to quit cigs... my friend who does them both and is trying to stop cigs says they are 10x as difficult to quit , so consider yourself lucky =p
  7. theres been a few threads like this lately, and in each of them Ive said the following...

    "screw cigs, imagine trying to quit herion, cocaine or crack when your addicted."
  8. Its funny, ive smoked every day for about 5 out of the 8 or so months that i have smoked, the other 3 months i smoked at least 5 days a week. Of course more than often smoking more than once a day. But anyway, ~2 weeks ago i just realized i was smoking too much, or for me. I have better things to do than smoke all day, and since then ive only smoked once. And before i had tried taking a break and couldnt. It all in your head man. The biggest reason i would go back to smoking is because i had nothing better to do. Point is, figure out why your going back to smoking, and fix it.
  9. yeah, I smoke a pack a day. cigs are obviously much harder to quit than pot. or take a break from, I should say.

    And we don't need pot or cigs.. we want them. Of course it's part mental, we're thinking beings.
  10. Just get it all out of your house... quitting's a lot easier if you don't have anything to smoke. I haven't smoked in about a week and a half because I smoked up that last of my stash, but I was real busy last week and prolly need to stay clean to go job hunting next week.

    So, I know I shouldn't start making calls to get more so I don't... I know it'd be hard if I had some just sitting in my bathroom closet right now.

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