Quitting Alcohol, Smoking More

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  1. Well, I think I'm going to stop drinking, Sure it's fun but I don't find it as fun as I used to. Just gonna keep puffin the herb lol atleast she doesn't make me feel like hell after indulging a little too much. Plus alcohol has got me into some trouble in the past, used to drink way to goddamn much. So I think it's about time I kick this one! Anybody else feel alcohol just doesn't have  enough positives to outweigh the negatives anymore? Oh, and cigarettes.. I'd like to kick those but I don't see that happening any time soon. But I'll smoke the sweet herb until the day I die! :smoking:

    Right on man!!! Having dealt with that shit myself and sticking with mary jane instead, I can tell you it most certainly the better decision. Wish you good luck on that effort, stay up!!!
    jah!/ :smoking:
  3. I would say alcohol has some positives.
    It makes me a hell of a lot more social and confident in myself, I find I can easily speak whats on my mind without the anxiety that ganja can sometimes create for me.
    As long as you are responsible and only have a couple of drinks and dont feel the need to get slammed, you're A-OK
  4. im gonna give u some wise words that I have been lucky enough to hear over time. Three simple words here we go, this will save u alot of problems in the future "MODERATION IS THE KEY"
  5. That is 4 words...

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  6. Good for you I used to go out every night drinking and then that lead to after hour clubs so I be coming home when every body going to work lmao

    Yea I would say stay in and smoke out....it's a lot cheaper and safer.
  7. Yeah I know what you mean about the social aspect. And even in moderation it just doesn't do the trick for me anymore. I haven't been shit faced falling everywhere speaking so slurred nobody can understand in ages. But still I've lost sight of the positives of it in my situation. Thank you everyone for the kind words and support. Oh and btw haven't had a beer in over a week! going strong lol. Stay blazed everyone :hippie:
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    Oh, theres never to much :)
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    That's 4.. psh, stoners..
    Oh and btw jk man
  10. Yea I stopped today. It is ruining my life and I can't find anything weed is fucking up.
  11. fuck alcohol
  12. fuck alcohol x2

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  13. Liquor pales in comparison to weed. The most fucked up alcohol ever got me isn't nearly as great as 2 blunts, or a couple bong rips. Plus nobody every died from smoking too much herb.

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  14. Alcohol is extremely addictive.
    I'm still trying to quit...
    Hard fight..
    Managed to reduce my intake by about 50-75%. 
    Used to drink a 24 oz Steel Reserve with 1-5 shots, now I drink 2-4 shots a night and smoke a bunch of wax and weed.

    Fuck alcohol x3
  15. Drop the alcohol op

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  16. I respect your decision, haha I'm 20 and I have yet to have my first beer...

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  17. Thank you for the support everyone. It means a lot to have a community of people here to share their views and give advice. Your all great souls. So far my fight has been a success, didn't even drink at a wedding reception last weekend! So once again thanks everyone I'll try my best to give my support to you guys if ever you need it! Stay crispy,  :bongin:
  18. Good for you dude. If its becoming a problem, there's no place for it in your life.

    I quit cigarettes about a month ago, and had to give up the booze for a bit as well... Now I really just stick to microbrews because my brother and his friends all brew and I like check in what they come up with.

    Stay strong blade!
  19. Yes! I hate alcohol now! I had a great time whenever I drank usually except when I drank too much and ended up throwing up every time I drank. And feeling like shit the next day. It's just not worth it. Yeah you'll have a good time if you remember it! Yeah you'll meet new people but how often do you remember them the next day? I'd much rather get to know someone over a blunt than 5 tequila shots. they won't even remember me the next day. Plus it tastes disgusting I have to force it down anytime I did it. Plus it's such a waste of money it's like literally poison the government is selling you and making millions and it helps keep the population down. Once I realized all of this anyone I see drunk looks so stupid and they can't even control themselves. Makes me never want to be like that again.
  20. quitting drinking is one of the best decisions ive made in my life.
    good luck

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