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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by dusty_roar, Aug 14, 2008.

  1. i feel like ive fallen a long way from what i used to be over my three years of smoking
    im only 16 and i feel stupider. so im quitting to see if i can rise back to somewhat of the person i used to be. tell me what u think.
  2. I think It's a good Idea just from a health stand point. Your 16. Your lungs will clean themselves out.. It's gonna take some will power though especially if you have an addictive personality or a family history of addicts and shit.. Good luck to you man. I think its a mature decision that most 16 year olds wouldn't make.
  3. LOL only 16.
    Hope you enjoyed your visit.
  4. Go for it. But if you quit, dont quit halfheartedly- quit with every inch of raw heart and lung you've got! But im lit... so... shit im a hypocrite!
  5. if i were you id quit now. then id study and go to college, then get blazed off my ass there.

  6. It's prolly like one of 3 post' he'll ever pst. I hope they'll cut him some slack..
  7. believe me i have
    but at 16, weres the limit,
    there isnt one,
    idk, im just hitting one of those points were anything but reality scares me
    cause ive done some hardcore shit for a 16 year old, lsd ecxtacy, coke.
    and i didnt even think about any of that stuff before it was in my mouth or i was three hours into a trip
    it just happens to fast
  8. if your really serious about quitting, the first step is to either have your friends accept that and try not to use drugs around you or start hanging with new people

    especially if those kids are already into coke and whatnot and are in high school
  9. i dont mean to make them sound like coke heads
    we did it once,
    but yeah, i just moved to colorado,
    and ive been smoking alot by myself,
    alot of thinking, idk, it all just comes down to tomorow,
    but i flushed my stash ( gotta do it quick, before your mind figures out the one thing that'll keep you holding on to it) lol

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