Quite possibly the coolest optical illusion ever...

Discussion in 'Pandora's Box' started by Lokix, Feb 25, 2008.

  1. WHOAAAAA...thats good!
  2. pretty cool...when I did it, I looked away and thought nothing happend...and I looked back up to reread the directions and I saw the picture turn black and white....I was wtf..is this picture have some kind of animation? so i continued to start and so no animation..then i reread the directions and tripped out...so I did it again and I saw it....

    haha man not knowing what will happened kinda made it a bit better I think, for me.
  3. thats awesome. you dont have to stare for 30 seconds though. 5 is good nuff
  4. that's pretty cool, but if you don't move your eyes off the dot the color still goes away, just takes 10 - 15 secs.

  5. The longer you stare at the pic the sharper the colors are. Besides I only said 10-15 :p
  6. That was really cool...
  7. Something wrong with the site i cant see it :mad:
  8. can anyone else just put and leave their mouse pointer on the castle and stare at the point and still see the colors or am I that special or am I that :smoking:?
  9. WHOA.... gnarly

  10. youre very :smoking: I think :p
  11. whoa, that's tight as hell
  12. Wow, amazing!

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