Quite possibly one of the funniest things I've seen

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  1. SO I went to a small get together with a couple friends of mine Jake and John. Now we were drinking all night, me beer them Crackle rum or some shit. Then Jake busts out his grinder with some FIRE LA confidential shit, like practically white and we split a bowl. Now john is known to forget shit more then the usual stoner so he had to borrow jakes keys a few times to get shit from his car he forgot. So, were all chilling around the fire and he says to Jake "Yo man I forgot my arizona, can I borrow your keys" Jake had no problem with it though now this is like the third time hes done this. So at least 45 minutes pass if not more and me and jake pretty much make our thoughts aloud wondering where John went. Jake wanted to just wait it out for him to come back but I suggested we go look for him since he had his keys and I didn't want his drunk ass driving. So we walk over to the car and there John is parked, shirtless in the car gripping the wheel. I laughed for a solid minutes straight. And on top of that John ended up loosing Jakes keys and we had to look for like 15 minutes till john found them in his boot :confused:

    It may have been the high quality weed I smoked, but damn if you plan on disappearing for a while, don't say you're going to do something that would normally take like a minute max.
  2. I guess ya had to be there...:p
  3. For sure man
  4. I laughed man. That shit sounds funny as hell aha.
  5. haaa so he was just sitting in the car pretending to drive or something? haha

  6. What he's trying to say is that it was an awful story, and you signature sucks.

  7. No reason for hate...:smoke:
  8. Haha I love shit like this. Sounds like your friend was fucked up

    I am pretty sure your sig picture is too big though. Just sayin :)
  9. You mean, Kraken brand rum?

  10. I think he was just going to chill out by himself so in case he had to puke he wouldn't make a fool of himself. I thought it was hilarious because of the combination of the fact that he said he was going to grab his can of arizona from the car and stayed there for 45 minutes, that he was gripping the wheel and that he was shirtless

    And yes I'm guessing Kraken rum
  11. Don't think he is hating, I think he is trying to save him from an infraction for too large of a signature. ;) :smoke:
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    Back in highschool my homie Hashish (his names a diff story), my homie Big Show and I smoked like a half z or more just the 3 of us and we were walking hash home, but show and I were stoned and only went half way. Hash said he'd be fine (this was like 3:00 or sumthin) so we let him go and we went and did sumthin, anyways 11:00pm I got home and my dad asked if Kyle (hash's real name) was with us, I was like earlier why? Apparently he never made it home.

    Next day at school he wasn't there either, so Show and I skipped and went looking for him but still never found him. The next day he showed up at school and we were all like wtf?

    Apparently we left him around 3 in the afternoon on say...wed (dunno what day but for the sake of the story) he was walking through the Richy neighborhood and got sleepy so he lied down by some Soc's boathouse which was lower than the road, behind some bushes.. he woke up at like 6pm the next day and didn't even realize it was a different day until he got home....

    Long ass weed nap. Lol, sounds crazy but true story. Lol

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