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  1. my first grow, i vegged them for 3 months it looked really promising.. now im ending week 5 of flower and i got nothin... my biggest flower is no bigger than a quarter... and its not even a real bud. seeds were supposed to harvest after 45 days of flower, and now all the tops of my plants look like straight sativa but was supposed too be an indica. Maybe i dont know what im talking about but i hate to give up, i guess i can say i tried
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    Pics :confused: And more details needed. Did you give them 12 hours dark/ 12 hours light ? What kind of light bulb are you using ?

    If its a half decent light you have... 3 months veg and 5 weeks into flower. You should have monsters.

    Who told you this ? I dont think such a strain exists with a 45 day finishing time.
  3. 12/12 strick no light not even a ray of it. In my MJ book I have it says in lab tests less then 2 mins of light in a 12/12 completely disrupts flowering.

    Autoflowering is the exception. It develops on its own.

    Dont give up though! Look at the grow journals on here or mine to get inspiration! Im a new grower this year and there turning out fantastic!
  4. Practice makes perfect,quitters never end up with the Dank. You'll get better each grow, hang in there:smoke:
  5. Need more light bro lots more. You can have those CFLs right on top of them almost
  6. been a long road, ups and downs, mostly downs. few ups. finally got a little goin on , room stinks, sugar everywhere too the naked eye and bud about the size of an egg, hey is it potassium or phosphorus thats best for flower, im usin a mix that i thought was for veg it might of been for flower the whole time but should be good the gardens a dark green still i mightve been ending week 4 and not week 5 what a week

  7. what i was thinking. dont quit

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