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Discussion in 'General' started by BillDavis, Apr 17, 2006.

  1. So, yeah... I quit smoking weed to get a job. This was about two months ago. I was going to get a job as a secruity officer. Yeah, I know. Rent-a-cop and all that jazz, but it pays like 10 bucks an hour with 40+ hours if wanted and all you do is sit there. So, anyways two days before I go to put the app in I get a call from an un-nameable fed. gov employer and I get offered a job for the gov. Thats right, the freakin' government. I go to the interview, get the job, come back the next day for training and no drug test. Thats right, they don't even drug test at this place. Its an awesome job. All I do is sit around and wait for people to call me. Plus I get paid 13 dollars an hour. In the last week I've worked 40 hours and I only talked to 10 people on the phone. Man, government jobs are awesome.

    Oh yeah, I ofcourse have picked up smoking again. It was awesome the first time smoking again. Me and a few friends finally got to break in the new bongs I ordered off here. The glass ice catcher one was freaking sweet.

  2. Government job? No drug test? Where do I sign up?!

    Are you at liberty to say what job it is? :cool:
  3. dude you know if you work for the CIA and FBI they dont care if you've done drugs anymore? it got to the point that everyone that applied had a history of using drugs that they couldnt deny them anymore. i think they are starting to realize EVERYONE does it. i bet many judges and lawyers dont take drugs tests and i bet MANY of the smoke the ganja
  4. ^^ the dude answers phones. doesn't sound like a secret agent. haha. :smoke: :p :smoke:

    ^ My father is a lawyer, he doesn't get tested. THough, he quit everything cept the drink. Any self-employed person doesn't get tested.
  5. No but since we are both stoners I'll just say its rhymes with bensus cureau.
  6. Speaking of census....when is the next one? 2009?...I think the last one was in 99

    Anyways congrats on the sweet job
  7. Heh funny if he was in dea and like his whole grp smoked and busted epople baked out swat cars w/ gas masks.. mm

  8. haha i wasnt sayin he was a secret agent. just that the gov is realizin everyondoesit and there is nothin that they can but give in to the ganja :smoking:
  9. Heh. I know. I just thought it was funny. Plus. I was wickedly baked.

    :hello: Horray for Ganja!:hello:

  10. Who was speaking of 'census'? :rolleyes: We were talking about 'bensus'!!... shhhh... we don't want him to get busted for disclosing which government agency he works for...! :p

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