Quit smoking by using ecigs

Discussion in 'General' started by pitersmith, May 8, 2011.

  1. Ecigs are the latest invention of modern science which almost works like a real cigarettes but no harmful ingredients are there. People use it as a alternative of smoking and they quit traditional smoking.
  2. Or you could just quit all together
  3. it doesnt feel right.. and you never really know whats in that shit.. if i quit one day ill just quit it.
  4. Cold turkey FTW. Why would you quit smoking, only to continue inhaling nicotine, which is toxic and extremely addictive?

    And yes I prefer my spam with my eggs op
  5. not a fan of the ecigs.

    "you can smoke it ANYWHERE".

    yeah, ok. if i just walk down the aisle in walmart puffin that theyll kick me the hell out
  6. Having vaporized using E-cigs I have to vouch for them. You can use them anywhere, some exceptions but 98% of places don't have a problem. I've even used them on planes. It's just flavoring and nicotine, removing all the carcinogens that are from cigarettes and no smell ect ect. Some problems occur but they are definitely healthier than traditional smokes. Most companies have colored LED's so it allows others around you to know you aren't smoking. Very cool invention and saves a lot of money over time, due to pack of 5 cartridges *5 packs of smokes* costs 9-13 bucks saving funds over time. The initial investment isn't very cool, but overall good idea. Just trying to clear the air of all the hatred and SPAM spam. :cool:
  7. This is the best way you can think about quit smoking, but how many can take this challenge?? :)
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  9. What kind of cigs were you smoking in the first place?

  10. I feel like a such a hipocrite but I bought one today with a car charger, 5 menthol cartiges and 2 regular for 45$. It's awesome I smoked it in my car with the windows up and it doesn't smell. I just had like 20 rips in my room with the window open after blazing. It's awesome and I reccomend everyone who's trying to quit get one. I just went a week cold turkey but still. I quit in november cold turkey for three months but caved back in. I was smoking even heavier, like 4-5 packs a week images of 2-3.
  11. I could never get into the whole e-cig thing. My godmother gave me one with a few cartridges about a year ago for my birthday, and after I ran out of the little cartridges I just went the a gas station and got a pack of cigs. >_>

    They're really not worth it if you smoke more than like 4 cigs a day.
  12. The only way to quit smoking is to stop smoking.
  13. Even not being a pack-a-day smoker... e-cigs never fully satisfied one of my cravings... that's just me, though.

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