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Quit? Or Not?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by crankacid, Aug 12, 2011.

  1. Ok I have posted about an incedent like this before but this has become too far, I have been smoking for 6 years now with only a 1 year break once, recently I have started smoking again about 3 times a week. But the feeling now is extreme anxiety/paranoia/depression every non smoker says it's going to continue downhill and I'll eventually become terrible. But I enjoy my cones and spliffs more than most things, the feeling is so terrible now i don't know whether to quit or continue.
    Opinions please?
  2. Are you in a chill environment when you smoke? If you usually smoke in one place, try going somewhere else to smoke and see if the same thing happens.
  3. You gotta rela"xxx" ;).....if ya don't catch my drift...poorrrnnnn
  4. Take a break, have you been getting the same bud? I've heard (but I don't completly believe) that some strains can be the source of some anxiety.
  5. I say you should quit. Why continue to do something that makes you feel extreme anxiety/paranoia/depression if you don't have to? No one is forcing to use it. I suggest that you start exercising daily and start eating a healthy diet. It the best way to live a happy sober life:) Take it from me, I used to be like you, I had anxiety and depression, till I started exercising and eating healthy. It was such a dramatic change from how I felt before I started living a healthy lifestyle. I am always happy, I'm way more confident, and I'm way more social.

    Exercise: How Does This Promote A Healthy Mind And Body? - Dr. Emmons - VIDEO -

    Depression, Diet And Exercise | LIVESTRONG.COM

    Diet and Exercise Help Fight Anxiety

    Oh, and I also had quit so if you decide to quit as well,you won't be the only one:D
  6. im fuckin high..
  7. Have you tried a different kind of weed or not getting as high? If that doesn't help, you should probably quit. I mean, like the other guy said, why do something that you don't enjoy?
  8. A lot of times it's the bud that is bad. Try asking your local dealer if he/she has anything other than what you've been getting regularly. Might help.
  9. If you think you should stop smoking, then stop. Don't just do it because you like the feeling, while it is making you depressed, anxious, and paranoid.
  10. I enjoy the feeling when I'm in a relaxed place with "mates" but lately they are sessioning with other mates. And I'm couch surfing, my fiancée is proving rather hard to deal with since most of the anxiety/paranoia is to do with her cheating :s
  11. ive only had 1 mild panic attack where i was scared i wud never come down. just smoke less in a sesh
  12. But it never started this badly till recently :( and bud used to help me with everything now it's just shit but I don't want to be without bud, yet every sober drone tries to make me steer clear of it.
  13. pack a snap clear it then put it down. an hour later pack a snap clear it then put it down. do this a couple times a day and increase the size of your snaps.
  14. This sounds like I'm a complete noob but snap meaning cone? Just never heard it called that before. :suckerpunch:
  15. I'm with you brother, I am fucking toasted right now.

    That sucks that you feel that way man, a good healthy diet/lifestyle does make you feel better. Depression affects everything, including your smoke sesh. When I was depressed I just hated smoking... so I drank.
  16. Haha hit the nail on the head bruz, drinking is a great passtime and believe it or not GC makes me feel better everytime. Such a great community that helps insanely. I feel privileged to be apart of this community :D
  17. Fuck what people say mang. Believe in the herb! It will get you through all the rough patches in your life, if you use it right. Its all about moderation, and not bein a douche. :)
    nah snaps are little pinches of weed.
  18. #18 crankacid, Aug 12, 2011
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    So thus he means gradually start making my cones from small to regular to big and moderate it so I am getting used to the enviroment and so I feel comfortable.

    As for being paranoid about my fiancée cheating fuck knows what to do about that. :smoke:

  19. Wait, your problems with anxiety/paranoia stem from your fiancee cheating on you? I think you would be better off emotionally if you break up with her. There are other fish in the sea that would not cheat on you.:eek:
  20. We have a daughter together and that is one side of the paranoia the other side is going to jail because I'm on my last offense. And last time we broke up I just peaked about what she was doing the whole time lol

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