Quit my job, does it make me a bad person?

Discussion in 'General' started by LovingTree, Aug 10, 2011.

  1. I quit for a couple reasons. One of the waitresses keeps stealing money from my check book. She is also stealing from the tip jar, and I report her but nothing is EVER done.

    She gets multiple warnings, but no firings, and I am sent home as a result, to 'avoid confrontation'. I have never received warnings. I always get the shitty end of the stick, and always close the shop.

    Is it wrong for me to quit because of this? I don't want to work for people who clearly can't see crime in their shop. It's a corrupt pizza place and nothing is done. I would rather work for higher quality people, even if it is just another pizza place.
  2. I would personally never quit a job before finding a new one, but does it make you a bad person? Of course not.

  3. I haven't quit just yet, but it sickens me they do this kinda thing and don't care. I am going to ask for a transfer.
  4. the 1st time i got sent home for reporting someone for stealing woulda been the last day i worked at that place.
  5. That actually sounds very reasonable.
  6. Well if you do end up quitting, make sure you have another job lined up first. But yeah, I don't blame you at all. I wouldn't put up with that shot either.
  7. you got shit on long enough,n could,nt take it anymore. sucks when it happen like that but it does same thing happend to my ole lady at an oip pizza shop. she works at another now, you,ll find another one easily with exp. you have..
  8. Get yourself fired. Collect unemployment... Enjoy a break for a few months
  9. I bro I recently quit my job I've had for five years (though I have another one to) but man I felt horrible leaving and I don't even know why...I opened for five years at 6 am...I've not had that job for like two weeks now and all i can say is "way less stress now"..do whatever you feel like you think improves your quality of life...if you have to keep the job for the money then its understandable but if you think you can cut loose and move on then think about it
  10. Nope. Its best to have another job lined up, but I wouldnt put up with that shit
  11. That waitress can burn.
  12. I want to nicely ask for the transfer papers, but I also want to make it apparent they have made mistakes, and will go down without me. They don't appreciate the work, even though I work 6 days a week for them, keeping everything in order and clean. Fuck it. I'm not sure if I can keep my cool around them anymore without blowing up.
  13. You're not a bad person. If I were you, I'd quit (and I really have), even if there wasn't another job waiting for me. It's not like you're quitting the job of your life. Besides it shouldn't be very hard to find a job at some other pizza place or restaurant. It's always better to work somewhere you feel comfortable.

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