Quit My Job Anxiety.

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  1. Urgh, have been working for the past three weeks at 3am every morning 5-8 days a week... So I had two days off and finally got my normal sleep cycle back and decided I cant go back to those kind of hours so I quit today. Now I dont have a job, just paid rent with my second to last pay check, and just feel like a fish out of water. Fucckkkcckkc

  2. how can you work 5-8 days a week when theres only 7 days?
    that sucks though. you shoulda stuck with it. now u gotta move back in with mum.
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    Did you mean 5-8 days without a break(ONE WEEK AND ONE DAY and then you get a break) ? Keep your head up and start fishing for the next one. Is there anyway you can get unemployment?
  4. Yeah 8 days a week is pretty rough.  Not sure if I'd be able to handle that either.  Good luck finally a new job I think I may have just found one so there's hope!
  5. Hope you can find something else before your next rent payment is due man.
    It's rough out there. Sometimes you just have to buck up and deal with what you can get. Lots of people have to change their sleep schedules for their jobs, and sometimes that means continuing to go to bed at the same time every night whether you have the next day off or not. It's just part of being an adult.
    Good luck man. Hit the pavement and start searching for something else.
  6. I can relate, i can't even work due to anxiety.
  7. WHAT planet is this where there is 8 days a week!?!
    but really, i used to quit jobs all the time but ive learned that every job sucks so you might as well be happy where you're at.
  8. Why would you quit a job without another lined up so you can sleep "normally" again? Especially when you have obligations (rent).

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  9. Anything is better than fastfood though lol.
  10. Do odd jobs bro, hit up Craigslist, theres plenty of odd construction/day laborer jobs on there. You might be with a bunch of illegal Mexicans but hey, I've heard it usually pays the bills.
  11. I used to work from midnight until 9am for
    5 days a week.
    It took me a good three months to get used to it but i dont blame you man. I quit for the exact same reason but i stayed for a good year because of the pay lol
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    off shifts you just gotta suck it up... you can't have a "normal" sleep schedule, because you're not working a "normal" shift! I worked 3rd shift for 2-3 years and have been on 2nd for the last 3-4 years. 
    Granted, 3rd shift's a bit rougher than 2nd, but if you maintain a routine, you get used to it after a little while. I'd love 3rd shift if not for the weekends. Either you stay up all night to maintain a consistent sleep schedule (which is lame--then you're stuck sleeping during the day), or you switch and sleep at night. But that sucks too, because come Sunday night (or whenever you start the week), you're a zombie. 
  13. Good luck. On the bright side you are not tied down and can do whatever the fuck you want. Unlimited options is a good thimg to have sometimes.
  14. Sounds rough, but I've always gone by the thought that its better to have any job than no job, unless its having a negative effect on your body or mind. Life's too short to waste killing yourself in a shitty job, look on Craigslist (there's always tons of odd jobs in the labor section), and do that to supplement your income until you find ssomething better.
  15. I worked for airborne express for years. Every morning @5am a plane would land at the local airport and i would fill my truck and head up to Ridgecrest, CA. (home of the famous Taco Bell Shell licker). So yeah, I know where you are at. I wanted to quit so many times. I think they knew this, so they fired me.

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