Quicksilver yellowing ..plz advise

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  1. my quicksilver auto flower has been yellowing lately and STILL hasn't started flowering although she is 9 weeks old and is showing preflowers but has been for about three weeks. The other is a White widow also 9wks old. Has been flowering for 5 weeks,now she seems to be yellowing, up until a couple of days ago she had no issues. We had thought possible nute lock out do to high ph. How long after correcting the ph should we see a change? Were not sure exactly what quicks issue is, if anyone has any ideas we could use the help.

    First picture is quicksilver
    second is quick at top, white whidow on the bottom of photo
    third is white whidow

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    i cant view the link says i dont have permission....
    any help?
    i use my bubble bucket to clone in only
  3. It's a password phishing scam.

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