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  1. :smoking:has any body grown any Quicksilver auto flowering. G13labs has very little info this plant. not sure of the light schedule.
    it was a free fem from attitude didn't want to waste it.:smoking::smoking:
  2. \

    im growing it right now on 24/0 light, its doing great and is my most healthy plant
  3. hey thanks for the fast reply. kinda had an idea 20/4. like i said only one seed.
    didn't want to screw it up.
  4. 20/4 would be fine, I think.

    You have experience with other plants, just not autoflowers? I'm in the same boat really, my free quicksilver is coming any day now :)

    What kind of lighting do you have planned for it?
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    this is my first auto grow. Just harvested a gigabud from g13 .good smoke, and sweet and fruity taste. and a couple of bagseed grows. Just got my kc brains NL seeds. so my next grow will be my first full grow with quality seeds. I'am using 400watts of cfl for veg. and for floweing 250hps and 2 High Output floros 22watts each. 5000k for mixed light spectrum. all this in 24 x 36 x 60 cab.
  6. my friends been growing 1 for about 3-4 weeks its doing good no signs of auto flower yet tho so hes waiting till like week 6 if not its going to a 12/12 schedule to induce flowering

  7. dude same with me but mine is like 6-7 weeks old atleast. its fucking annoying me because its like 14 inches tall and its growing with flowering lowryders so i can't change the light to 12/12 with out skimping my Lowryder yield. So I have to veg it until they finish then flower.

    Its a big ass hassle.
  8. I had one and it turned out to be completely male not even a hermie ...It was a huge bummer
  9. yea i heard g13 strains arent very stable... his quicksilver seemed to be stunted also cuz it was a little 2 leaf piece of shit for like 2 weeks then it finally opened up and started growing its pretty big now jus hasent started flowering yet but its only at week 4 now so hes giving it 2 more weeks

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    Here is an update on my g13 quicksliver everyone who is growing it should know since a lot of us are growing the same seed batch.

    Ok well the plant is 16 inches tall, never auto flowered so i had to put it in 12/12 to make it flower, and its a male.

    so my feminised g13 quicksilver automatic was a huge let down. I could have grown my other lowryder #2 fem seed and got more bud.

    the plant is now just a house plant in my room, far away from my girlies.
  11. I too am growing a quicksilver. Its now about 2.5 feet tall and shows no signs of flowering at all. I would recommend you get buddah white dwarf strain.
  12. I have just harvested my G13 Quicksilver and she was around 2.5 feet tall but I forced her into flowering due to running out of space in my veggy area. I have pictures in my journal but its in the paid members area.

    I have not tried any bud yet as its still curing but it looks ok, very low quality next to my Barney's strains with not much resin at all. At least she didn't go hermie and its something free to vape

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