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Quickfix 6.2 Sent to Lab HELP!

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by RallyBack, Oct 20, 2018.

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    I'm hoping someone here might be able to help shed light/info on my situation and help me out. I took an "ecup" test (I believe) yesterday in Connecticut with QF 6.2 for a govt job and have alot riding on this. The batch number was good, so I got the temp up to around 94 and applied the heat pack and kept it super tight next to my sack. I figured that plus my body temp would keep it within range. When I pulled it out to check the strip after driving to the location it had somewhat rubbed off due to moisture from my shower earlier. I had to just trust it was still within body temp range. I shook it up and poured and did not see the temp strip because I was washing my hands while the lady talked to me. I thought I glanced once in the bathroom and the strip was just black, though I didn't look closely before handing it off.

    She had me initial and put it in a small machine which she said takes 5 minutes to run. I left and was waiting before calling a 1/2 hour later. They said the machine in the office must have detected something so it has to be sent to a Lab out of state. Well I am really scared at this point! They never asked for another sample when I was there so I assume the temp was good and it was accepted. Has anyone ever experienced this?

    I'm wondering why the small machine would detect something and have to be sent out, because that seems not usual. I called the QF number and the guy confidently said don't worry bro you're fine, youre gonna pass. Well I am starting the job on Monday and the doctor said it could take a week or so for the results. If the temperature was off can it still pass a lab test? Any thoughts? I have everything riding on this.

    Thank you everyone!!
  2. I've had it lab tested and passed for MOD work in the UK mate. Wouldn't stress yourself.

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  3. Thank you for your input Spanish@rcher! The initial detection by the machine is what is worrying me.
  4. There are approximately 150 different varieties of lab tests that can be run. I know this by researching the services that can be ordered through quest diagnostics. Going to the lab isn't always a recipe for disaster. If the lab runs an assey test before a gas test and it comes out clean you could be in the clear. If they run a gas test right away 50/50 you are busted. If they specifically search for a perservative you are busted.
  5. Wow. Thank you for that information that's really insightful. Do you have any idea how common the gas tests/preservative tests are? Can they detect preservatives in the little ecup machine that you know of? Man I'm nervous. Thanks again.
  6. We're you given a chain of custody receipt? The name of the test ordered may be on there. If it is I can possibly help you discern the nature of that test. As far as how common, it comes down to the almighty dollar: how much the ordering agency is willing to pay.
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  7. Agree with above
  8. Also, I have found information that ecup and strips are available to test for different perservatives. Also, it could be that they were going to send it to the lab anyway, and the tech just spoke out of his ass.
  9. Thanks guys, unfortunately they didn't give me anything. They may have mentioned a lab name perhaps I was too shocked to hear it. I guess I'm hoping it's a standard lab test. It is government so who knows. The scary part is it detected something in a small 5 minute machine at the doctors office.
  10. When I called originally they said it didn't have to be sent out. Not sounding good if they can detect preservatives, I may already have failed.
  11. I'm guessing if they did detect it in the quick one then they would for sure look for preservatives in a lab test specifically.
  12. I hope for the best for you. I hope that they were going to send it out anyway, or it passed the ecup and they sent it for re-confirmation, or it was an inconclusive test and they sent for an assay. All and all it is out of your hands. Try not to panic. How much were you smoking?
  13. This is the case. It is as simple as clicking options from a drop-down menu.
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    Thank you. It's starting to hit me there's probably little chance. It was supposed to be a 5 minute test unless there is a problem. I was smoking a few times a day for years. I had alot on the line big new job, moved to a new state, career contacts. Now I may be starting all over. Thanks again.
  15. So if they find a preservative in the quick test it's just confirmed at the lab? Damn. Wish I fidnt use synthetic urine. I thought it was for sure.
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  16. This is correct on most occasions. The first test causes what they call "non-negative" results, and are sent in for confirmation. Again, don't panic you will not know until you know. I once had a test sent to a lab. However that lab was actually the same company that was contracted to complete the rest of my background check and it was the passing result that were sent. Most of the time the testers will not return the results to you as they are not yours, you did not pay for them.
  17. I am not trying to send you false hope or anything. Just try to relax. Quit smoking now. Learn about flushing with adding b vitamins and using work out creatine in case you are called back for an observed test.
  18. So you had a non-negative get lab tested and pass? I'm going to be going to work Monday and will be very embarrassing to fail.
  19. Sorry. No I had a test get "sent to a lab." However, it was sent to a company called first advantage that is a lab, but also a company that does background checks. My test passed and I thought it was sent to the lab division, but it was sent to the back ground check division. Go to work if you have to eat crow so be it. Maybe they let you retest, maybe who knows. Not all is lost until it is. Right now you don't know. Do healthy things, spend time away from weed.
  20. True, it is what it is now. Thank you for your advice and information.

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