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QuickFix 6.1, Whizzinator and Probation in 2016

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by ellisdelirious, Mar 24, 2016.

  1. Just wanted to share my story, as being 2016 there are not a ton of real life instances to be found online. At least in the positive manner lol.

    So 9 days ago today I was called in for a random UA by my probation. Was literally shitting my pants, and all the information online with people being caught with whizzinators, or the lack of information with QuickFix being used for probation UA's did not help.

    Had no choice but to give it a try myself and hope for the best. Biggest thing I can say for the whizzinator is practice! I used the touch version, and it can look like you are squeezing in a weird fashion if you do not practice. Get a mirror and do it over and over again.

    After a few hours of practicing, it was my time to go to the lab. Next word of advice, remain calm. Attitude is another important factor, just don't be a stressed sketch ball lol. A lot of stories online seem like people were fidgety or looking around. Happy to say I made it out of the room without the observer saying anything or being arrested, issue one behind me!

    Now was the fear of using synthetic urine. Not much online for probation tests that are sent to the lab in 2016. Well no call back and going on 10 days, so I feel at ease now! QuickFix 6.1 does work for probation!

    Best advice is absolution (I know... I know... ) but if in a pickle and worried about present testing procedures, here to pitch in a little positivity. You are still taking a risk with the whizzinator, but all can still go smoothly and synthetic urine still does work!
  2. Wish I could afford one, I'm in a tight money situation atm but it sounds like a great investment. Glad you got through it, probation's a bitch.
  3. Careful, in some places its a felony to get caught subbing. A friend of mine got caught, spent 6 months in jail, extended probstion, added fines and had to take classes.

    Had he only failed he would of only had to take classes and possibly extend probation, no felony charge.

    I would take a fail all day long over a possible felony
  4. It was well worth the $135 and luckily sold at a sex shop around me lol. Nothing I want to continue to use, odds stack against you and I typically know when my meetings are. But in a pinch I'm glad it pulled through.
  5. Appreciate the feedback! Am certainly aware it is a new felony charge, and for a less severe case or non felony probation I would not recommend it. My situation I'll execute 48 months and have no leeway. If I would've went and pissed dirty, prison. If I would've been caught, prison lol. New charge would more than likely run concurrent with my initial charge, so in the end seemed worth the risk.
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    Who's going to send you to prison, county, state or feds? And what's you're initial charge? Must be some serious shit if you're looking at prison I'm a 5 time felon that's been in prison a few times. Very very few go to prison over a failed test unless the original charges were pretty big or they're on parole. Not probation . Jail yes, prison I doubt it.
  7. When does the state send you versus the county? Is it not you versus the state, and the county handles the case? Just curious - but no not a federal case.

    It's a 2nd degree sales, and my second felony drug charge. So just a 2-time felon not a fiver. People obviously have more severe cases against them, but pretty serious in itself. The judge was ready to commit me to prison on my sentencing day but followed probations recommendation of 1-year in county. I wish your doubts provided relief.
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    If it's a county case you may get a few days in county jail but probably not a state prison. On the papers of a county case it still says people of whatever state vs....are you dealing with county probation? Or have you been to state prison and are on state parole? There is a difference between prison and jail.....a huge difference. I'll take county jail time for failing and no felony sub charge over a felony any day of the week.
  9. And as far as recommendations that's a laugh. Its like the maximum sentencing ....its just what could happen but probably won't unless your a real idiot. They almost always plee down
  10. Do you always respond in a condescending manner? I suppose from my post you can gather that I have little knowledge of our legal system and have never been through it, nor am aware of my case and its likelihoods.

    What is a serious charge in your book? 2nd degree with priors is not the friendliest, and don't see how you can express with certainty it'll be a few petty days in county. lol why would anyone care about a dirty UA if it was a slap on the wrist?

    Also will you answer the difference between you vs. the state and you vs. the county? Not lay out the obvious difference of county jail vs. state prison.

    Anyone can hop online and see that subbing and tampering with a probation UA will add a new charge if caught. Was not the purpose of this post. Nor was disputing my case. I researched for hours trying to find a solid answer if quickfix works for probation lab tests, and here to say it does. I went in worried, and hopefully this will ease someones mind if they feel it is their last option. Real life example, not someone asking, not a paid promotion.
  11. why is it a laugh when I did a year? stay of execution. 48 months. was sentenced to 12 in county. meow have 36 if I execute.
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    Because that's max man. They work with you unless youre an idiot. I've had stays of execution and fucked up.

    Here's why I see it the way I do. This is all in the same county and of course it's different everywhere. My buddy who got caught with a wizzinator did 6 months in jail, added a years probation, fines and drug classes. That was his first felony.

    In that same county I failed once and then openly admitted. I failed another time and openly admitted before even taking the test. Both times on stays of execution. 1 time I did a weekend, both times I took classes. I already had a way worse record w/ multiple past felonies.

    My punishment was far less severe because I manned up to it. Weekends and classes aren't shit. My buddy was dumb and risked it, got caught and was fkd with a felony for life. Had he been straight about it, it wouldn't have been a big deal. He was also on a stay of execution.

    I just like doing damage control. That is when you fk up as you did, lessen the damage instead of compounding it. If it's a watched pissed test, no way would I risk a felony over revoking a stay of execution. My felonies were 20+ years ago and they still follow me around. I work in a field where its not a big deal 80% of the time but it has added difficulties and is something that will still effect my life years down the road. All I'm saying is avoid possible felony charges at all cost. Misdemeanors and revoked stays of ex aren't shit. What do you think is going to happen if you get caught.....bye bye stay of ex. Man up if you fail and they'll treat you like a man most of the time unless you've really fkd up to begin with.
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    I would by all means try and clean myself out. I have been caught too clean before. Its not a big deal. Its a fail but as long as you don't say anything about flushing, a fail is all it is. Admitting to it here is tampering with evidence. Once you pee in a cup, your urine is evidence. Tampering with evidence is a felony but impossible to prove. The ingredients in clean out products are legal so there's no real proof since I kept quite. Had to do some classes but better then a felony
    But it too each their own. I'm not bothered by county time or revoked ex's. Felonies on the other hand have definetly impact life to a greater extent in the long run.

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