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QuickFix 6.1 Question

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by dylan8433, Apr 1, 2016.

  1. between having a urinator for the proper temp, and testing with Urine validity test strips to make sure it will pass all of those tests (ph creatine etc)....

    the only issue im finding it has is the lack of foaming....has anyone come up with anything to give it some foam also? I was thinking maybe just give it a little squirt of my piss and hope its small enough to not pick up on the THC. Anyone have any ideas?

    BTW, if it was a preemployment I would just stop smoking, the problem is that I get randomly tested at my job and am trying to figure out a way ill be able to smoke again, ive been clean for like 8 months now, THATS LONG ENOUGH!
  2. If you've been clean for 8 months, I don't think you're gonna piss dirty. Do not put any of your urine in there either. For synth urine, just strap it by your nuts to keep it warm honestly.
  3. no shit please read the post next time, this is for random tests ill be having that I don't wanna keep having to not smoke for. and no, just strapping it to your nuts is asking to fail...
  4. You asked for advice, that's what you got. My only advice to you now is to go fuck yourself. Maybe if you actually got past the third grade, you could form sentences that make sense and I could give you an actual answer.
    Strapping it down there is to preserve the heat. Ask anyone who's used synthetic urine before if you don't believe me.

    And LMAO at the guy that wants to put thc-riddled piss in their clean, synthetic urine. That's just "asking to fail"
  5. Okay, im sorry for that, let me organize my thoughts in a more clear way...

    1. I already am clean and have passed my pre-employment tests, but the nature of my work requires random drug tests so I am trying to see from others who have used it if quick fix 6.1 (from is still viable.

    2. I am concerned with the lack of foam it produces, was wondering if anyone has had any issues with being denied from lack of foam, or the kind of off color it has. and if anyone has any method to give it foam.

    3. If anyone in general has used quick fix recently and passed a lab test, specifically from LabCorp.

    As far as the temperature goes I meant no disrespect and im sorry for wording it like that but there is just a lot of variables in doing it that way to keep a temp within a few degrees from body temp confidently.
  6. Don't worry, I'm sorry for acting like a jackass.
    Check this thread out, maybe it'll give you the info you're looking for. Lots of personal experience and results: Quick Fix Plus - Labcorp - My experience

    I have used synthetic urine before for a university drug test, and passed with no worries. It wasn't quick fix though. Another way to keep it warm is with a hand warmer, although, I would wait for it to cool off a little bit before you actually pour the urine (since it's most likely going to be a little warmer than your body temperature). Personally I wouldn't worry too much about the foam.
  7. after drinking some water and being pretty hydrated I pissed in a glass, and it looked almost identical in color and no foam after a few I'm feeling more confident about those facts.

    I'm going to make an appointment to get a drug test for myself sometime this week and see how it goes before I am 100% confident with it. Ill update for anybody's future reference. Guess ill just say I have a job interview with a drug test coming up that I quit smoking pot for and want to be sure ill be clean. Idk. Sounds sketchy but whatever, it wont be kept on any record as long as its not for my employer.
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  8. Wish you the best of luck man
  9. thanks, would like to hear anyone else's experience with it if possible.
  10. Used it for an oil patch job, taped it to the underside of my junk, let it sit there for 2 hours for the temp to even out and Bam no problem worked great...... In our industry even if you don't get hurt if there's an incident of any kind everyone gets tested. Most guys keep one in their lunch kit and pretend that you can't pee until it's warm enough. Only failures I know of were from the temp being off.... If that's an issue, go in and check the temperature strip and say you can't piss yet and wait a bit... Drink some water. Put on the acting face

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  11. My work is the same way with the accidents, DOT, no don't plan on smoking while working and driving but when I'm at my house I want to be able to smoke. I have the urinator that keeps it at a perfect temperature using 2 9v batteries. So my plan is to get a few sets of rechargeable batteries, wear it strapped to upper-inner thigh when I go in in the morning, once I start making my deliveries remove batteries and keep it in lunchbox or something, then reinstall the batteries and restrap when I go back in to clock out.

    got my validity test strips in the mail and its normal on all accounts, only a few slightly different than my real urine.

    Thanks for posting, love hearing stories about it working.

    Oh and lastly, I ordered from, is this the legit website its hard to tell.
  12. I believe the company that makes it is spectrum labs? I buy from a local head shop every couple months just to make sure I have the most up to date batch

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  13. yeah its from spectrum labs, but that logo would be something easy to counterfeit and there is a few different websites selling the same thing. I'm sure someone will chime in eventually on the website they got it from.
  14. Try a local head shop?

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  15. well it seems to be the right place and it passed the validity test, just wondering if anyone else got it from there. Head shops could easily have the wrong kind as well.
  16. also, what about the smell? maybe run my stream over my finger and circle it around the brim?
  17. Don't put your dirty pee in with the fake pee. You don't need "foam". Just poor the fake pee in the container and be dobe

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  18. And they don't smell it. 1st not all urine has a smell and second do you really think she is sticking her nose up to your pee?

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  19. You go around smelling pee?

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