Quickest Flowering Indoor Strains

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  1. What are the fastest and/or highest yielding strains to grow indoors?
  2. "fastest flowering" and "highest yielding" are not exactly synonymous.

    what have your grow indoors before? so we can have a base line.
  3. I haven't grown much. Only bagseeds. I'm just lookin for strains that can flower fast and produce a decent yield.
  4. Then you have the issue of fast flower and decent yield =/= Good quality/potency

    Assuming you want all of those qualities I'll give you my standard list of strains I recommend for beginners:

    Big Bud (Yield and speed, not so much on the potency but tolerable; very forgiving, rec'd for "blackthumbs")

    Super Silver Haze (Yield-ish, potency and smoothness, but at the cost of about 70 days of flower; rec'd for the "new cannaseur grower")

    Northern Lights (yield, potency, and speed; this is the one you want pretty much, unless you're totally and utterly inept at growing: just remember she likes to be a bit dry!)

    Good Growing and Happy Toking!
  5. Thanks man!
  6. You could grow auto flowering strains and have bud in around 8 weeks or do a fast flowering indica 12/12 from seed but that isn't going to get you much yeild.

    Paradise Seeds - Wappa has been my biggest yeilding strain, its the perfect cashcrop.

    You can have a faster harvest or you can have yeild but its difficult to have both :smoke:

  7. I grew out a few of those Wappas, they are serious yielders for sure.
  8. I don't bother with BigBud anymore, even sharing the 600w HPS with other ladies I still get around 5 or 6 oz dry per plant. A full crop of Wappa = many jars of bud :smoke:
  9. super skunk is about a 50 dayflowerer
  10. Critical + is a fast flower (just under 8 weeks in the light + 5 days in darkness) and a good producer. Nice big buds, few leaves.

    There's a Critical + Auto too, that would be a good one for you to grow.
  11. Also my advice is to find easy strains to grow, not quick or high yield. If you're a novice your best yields will be out of strains that are easy grows.

    Here are some I can suggest:
    Dinafem seeds; most strains (moby dick, SDG, Critical +) are made for novice growers.
    DNA 60-Day Wonder
    RP Chocolope
    Dutch Passion Orange Bud & Skunk #11

    All of those are pretty easy grows and good producers.
  12. Appreciate it brotha!

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