quick ? thats buggin me...

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  1. i passed my indoor bible on n now i can't remember what my soil is doin".
    laeves are dark n waxey lookin and she's throwin those re-veg lookin leaves...
    too much P or K??
  2. I don't understand your question.
    What is the problem with the plant?
    And you forgot what type of soil you are in?
    What type of nutes and frequency?
  3. i breed bettas and put the ones that dont make it in a 5 gal bucket that contains old fox farm soil and all my egg shells (to lighten it) ive had this bucket goin for like 7 mos always churning it when a new fish goes in..

    i vegged a seedling in MG for the last 2 mos and decided i was gonna try my concoction when i transplanted .. they took off like crazy and are doing great .she's the healthiest one in their but has a waxey look, went from producing 5-7 leafers to puttin out those 1-3 leafeers one see's on a re-veg and has wierd trichombs... there HUGE holes like pores and the trich looks like a mushroom......TO THE NAKED EYE!!

    i thought there was a color section with photos in George Cervantes' indoor bible that shows plants with too much nitro/phos./potash was trying to figure out if this is a result of too much phodphate and how to lessen it if it were...:)
  4. Do you have any pictures? Usually all those deficiencies will be seen with some kind of yellowing at the bottom. NPK are all mobile elements which mean that the elements move through the entire plant. Immobile elements do NOT move through the entire plant which is why an iron deficiency for example will be seen only on the tops of the plants at first. If you suspect a problem with your soil mixture I suggest you start by taking a soil PH reading and/or testing the ph of your run off water.
  5. i have no pics, and there is no yellowing .... strange its the healthiest one ever but dark green.......... soil's ph is running 6.8..... i water with a ph around 6.....there is also mushrooms popping up in the soil now??????

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