Quick temp fix for a MFLB screen tear

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    Sup guys, long time lurker, first time posting. Anyways, my MFLB screen had a slight tear and I busted my head trying to find a quick fix while I wait for my warranty process. I had to find something to patch the tear, and I had to be something I know is safe to inhale. It also had to be sufficient at holding it together, at least temporarily. What else better than the resin we often call "honey" that accumulates in our glass stem? The stuff is sticky, and when not cleaned properly, has the potential to char over your screen. Normally this is bad, but in this case, its perfect for holding the tear together, almost like a glue. So I scooped out a glob of honey, rolled it into a ball of putty and pressed it onto the tear and ran a battery through it. I failed the first few times cause the honey would just melt instead of charring and the tear would open up. Then I tried something different, I patched it up once again, and this time I smoked a bowl in it. Little did I know, the bits of burnt herb melted into the honey, burnt up and covered over the tear perfectly. Works fine now, not the best but better than nothing. I hope MF contacts me back soon about my replacement. Hope this helps anyone who ever finds themselves in a situation like mine :) Sent from my SGH-T889 using Tapatalk


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