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Discussion in 'Micro Grows' started by Erkrez, May 3, 2011.

  1. Planning to start a small grow in a closet in my room.

    I am thinking of either using a rubbermaid storage bin, its 18 gals.

    Or either a regular pot, but one of those long ones, kind of like this one


    Any advice on which one would be easier to grow, hide, better growing.

    This would also be my first grow so any advice on that is welcome as well.
  2. are you planning on doing soil? how much does stealth matter? i'd probably go with the rubbermaid because you can mylar the inside for relatively cheap and then have a good setup to get the most light that you can, if you get one of those long pots how are you planning on providing light? what type of light are you planning on using? in the rubbermaid bin you could just get a power strip and fasten it to the top or side of the bin and plug some cfls directly into the power strip with a couple adapters for pretty cheap, unless you have a way of hanging or setting up lights effectively for the pot method

    it also depends on what strain you want to get and how big you plan on growing it, the rubbermaid will obviously limit height while growing in it but if thats not an issue it'd probably be the easiest way to go, especially since it looks like you'd want to hide it
  3. Yeah planning on soil, stealth is very important so prolly gonna end up in the rubbermaid, maybe even the potted plant inside of it lol.

    Still really haven't decided on light I would use, I did think of that powerstrip thing you mentioned.

    Strain and size aren't really that important right now, prolly going to go with a really easy to grow strain. Size probably as much as I can fit in the bin.
  4. then yea definitely go with the bin, the pot inside the bin would work well because you're gonna need something to hold them in either way, one benefit you get from individual pots though is you dont have to worry about the roots growing together and you can move/rotate the pots individually to help make sure the plants are all getting even amounts of light, but either way will work
  5. Thanks for the info.

    Really still looking into everything, I probably wont be able to start the grow for a couple months while I get some other stuff sorted out, but this questions just popped in my head

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