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  1. Ive been browsing the forums for a while, planning my grow and build, still not quite ready but hopefully soon. I was going for a soil grow and still might, but I found this interesting idea and wanted the opinions of people here.

    Brand New Windowfarms- Vertical Food Gardens by The Windowfarms Project

    Window farms have been around for a while but until now they have been DIY, the new ones look pretty fantastic. Now I don't mean I am gonna grow in my window, but this being a hydro grower, is it possible to plant a few in this and maybe hang it up in a closet with lights? They'd probably only be a few feet tall but still. Also the nutes they suggest on the site, any good?

    Ive heard Botanicare around here before, but I assume if you kept watch on the ph of the water, it could work. But again, im completely new to all this and haven't even had a grow yet. Just seeing where to invest my money.

    Anyway, any help or advice would be greatly appreciated :) and I will be sure to post more in the future once I decide what to do.
  2. You could probably use it for marijuana. I don't know if you were referring to the window farm being a few feet tall or your plant, but a few foot tall marijuana plant would probably destroy one of those window farms.

    There's no reason it wouldn't work. You'd probably be better off having a mother plant, and using the window far to simply flower clones. You could technically go perpetual too. Simply flower one new clone every week with an 8 or 10 spot window farm. Every week you'd harvest a clone which could probably give you a quarter to an ounce if your good.
  3. Hmmm interesting :) Also I was talking about the plants being a couple feet tall, from the looks of the pics they have, the thing looks like a decent size, or if going the DIY route could even use larger bottles. But I do like your idea! I was just thinking because Im not trying to do a huge grow, 2 plants max at the moment. But I was trying to simplify it a little without getting soil and the mess. It would be an indoor grow.

    Thanks for the advice though, hopefully others will share some too :D
  4. Bump? Just wanna see if anyone else can throw any advice towards the idea.
  5. bad idea cannabis plants will grow very large in the two month flower time even if flowered from clone u will need a bigger pot than that and it will be cheaper look in the beginers forum and read the stickys for good ideas on starting and look at some journals for other ideas
  6. Oh trust me, ive been searching for a while, ive already started on a grow box. But I am mostly interested in doing a micro grow, I know in the micro grow forums people keep their plants small if they wanted, I dont know. Well it seemed like a good idea at the time ;P maybe ill just look into what ohspyro89 said.

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