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Quick question

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Holy Bong Water, May 26, 2010.

  1. I just started smoking about a week ago and I have a question. Whenever I smoke I notice that instead of the smoke going all the way down to my lungs the smoke just lingers in the back of my throat. Should I inhale through my nose while inhaling the smoke through my mouth?

    Thanks everybody.
  2. What I tell people is to just take some extra breathes in till you feel it in your lungs before exhaling.

    Also try longer/bigger hits to fill your lungs.

    If I may ask, what are you smoking with?

  3. If you feel smoke in your mouth/throat it didn't make it to your lungs. You need to breathe in fresh air through your mouth to make sure any smoke that is in your mouth goes all the way down. I do this when ripping spliffs by inhaling into my mouth/throat and then inhaling fresh air after. It's like a chamber in your mouth to collect smoke. I hope that made sense to you.
  4. I use a glass pipe. Most of the time it feels like I'm choking on the smoke, and that's totally not cool.
  5. When the smoke is in your throat just take a massive deep breath of the air around you. That's your answer.
  6. Yeah, it makes sense. I'll try that next time. Would breathing in through my nose while inhaling the smoke help push the smoke down into my lungs?
  7. It could, but my nose is always stuffy so I can never really get a big deep breath through my nose. I usually just take my hit then breathe in fresh air through my mouth.
  8. Ok, so take the hit then bring in a lot of air? Why didn't I think of that before?

  9. Yup you got it dude, Its the best kept secret =)

  10. Are you getting high? If you are, then smoke is getting to your lungs. What you may be experiencing is the harshness of the smoke burning your throat. That takes a little getting used to. Like was said above, leave a little room in your lungs to inhale some fresh air to get all the smoke down. If while you're inhaling it's feeling extremely painful or you think it's going to make you cough, just move the pipe a tiny bit away from your mouth and get some fresh air mixed with the smoke. If you do that it's less painful but will take you slightly more hits to get high, but at this stage of the game if you've only been smoking a week I doubt you'll notice the difference. Even if you do have to take an extra hit to get where you want to be, it's still better than a burning throat and coughing the hit out before it delivers the goods.
  11. I only get high when I smoked the dank I had. I smoked some of my friend's mid to break in my pipe and felt nothing. I packed the bowl with my weed, took a hit, and then got high.
    The weird thing is that a couple days later I lit up in my room with the same dank and only got a little high.
  12. On a completely unrelated note, why doesn't the forum login page remember me? I have to login every once in a while even though I don't sign out. I click remember me but it never does.

  13. Cookies turned off? Or some internet security thing? I use Google Chrome which has an incognito mode. It doesn't remember me but then Grass City doesn't show up in my browsing history and no cookies are left behind.
  14. Not sure, I'm using Firefox and I have it so it remembers my username and password at login. I'm the only one who uses this laptop, so I don't have to worry about anyone getting on my account.

  15. If you've only been smoking for a week one hit of dank should get you pretty damn high, and a few hits of mids should too. One of the great mysteries of weed is that people often don't get high the first few times. I didn't my first time. Some people think it's some sort of weird tolerance cherry that needs to be popped, but most of the time I think it's just that the rookie smoker does not understand how to inhale the smoke correctly.

    Picture yourself on a mountain top on a clear spring day. You take a deep breath of clean mountain air. That's what you have to do with the weed. Make sure the bowl is cherried and take that deep breath all the way in through the pipe with no air coming in the nose or around the pipe. Hold it for about five seconds then exhale. You should exhale a thick cloud of smoke. You will probably also cough like a motherfucker, it's quite the revelation when you get it right. Then wait a while and see what happens. A lot of people think they're not going to get high and then they figure out how to inhale right but they take a shitload of hits of good stuff and freak the fuck out when it hits them like a ton of bricks.

    Give it a try and report back!
  16. I use firefox too. Cookies are enabled so I don't know what the problem is. I'll just tinker around with it.

    It might take a while for me to try it. Everyone I buy from is either out of town or not answering their phone for some reason. I smoked the last of the dank I had about a week ago. I'll try what you're talking about next time. My friend told me not to vacuum it up, it sounds like you're telling me to vacuum up the smoke.

  17. I don't know what he means by vacuuming it up. There's only one way to get something in your lungs, and that's to breath it in. The smoke has to go into your lungs just like air does. This does not involve your tongue, by the way. That's where a lot of people mess it up. When you smoke a cigarette, you pull the smoke into your mouth with your tongue and then breath it in. When you smoke weed, you pull with your lungs through your mouth directly into your lungs. If you hit a bowl or a J like a cigarette you are only getting a tiny hit. The goal is to fill your lungs up entirely with smoke.
  18. breathe it in just like normal breathing, but not as harsh do it slow and softly but act like your just inhaling air
  19. What do you smoke in the mirror how the hell do you know?

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